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The core purpose of Techblunt is to provide the reader with the quality, and up to date content that is properly researched. We are focused on the technical niche. Our team members gather all the necessary and required information from official and trusted sources. We are not at all responsible for any misunderstandings in terms of any guarantees, warranties, non-financial and financial situations. We hold every right to change any of our policies without any notice.

The content we produce has been well researched and the reference source is official and trustworthy.  We assure that in case the website demands for email, your details won’t be shared with any third party. The user’s email address will only be asked for subscription, comment and for the contact form.


Each article posted here is checked by our team twice. So, every article on this website is accurate. While reading an article, if you have any doubt in your mind regarding that article, then you can ask us in the comment section.

We reserve all the copyrights for our content. No one has the authority to copy the content from our website without our prior permission. If someone’s found copying the content, then we would have the authority to take some actions against the responsible person. However, you can ask the permission from us to copy and paste the content, if necessary. Without the permission, copying is responsible for copyright actions.

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The content published by us is valid up to a certain period of time. The reader is recommended to check the date when the content was exactly published.


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This disclaimer is last updated on 19th June 2018.

When we make any changes to our disclaimer, then it will be posted here.