Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of the website describes the procedures and the policies of all the featured data, information, images and the overall content. We collect the information from various sources. Our privacy policies are legitimate and are highly flexible with respect to laws and regulations of the nation.

Techblunt is a website developed with a purpose of serving people with abundant and informative feeds related to tech. Our team is taking every possible effort to keep information related to tech as updated and user-friendly as technology is.

Techblunt, being a tech-oriented website, understands the privacy concern and assures you that we have not leaked or will never leak any information that will cause harm to anyone’s privacy policy. We ask the user to share their required and essential credential for sharing our newsletters and updated information.

We are Authorized

Techblunt is trustworthy and authorized. We don’t reveal the private information that is not legal to reveal, at any cost. However, we are not at all responsible for the page that you get redirected to when you click on the ads. We recommend you, not to share your private details like your banking credentials or personal contact numbers and pictures to any website unless you are sure about its authenticity. We will stay responsible for the issues occurred only on

Techblunt Terms and Policies

  1. Terms

The terms of the website are applicable to you as you access the site. If you think that you do not agree with any of the policies and terms mentioned, you may either deny by yourself from accessing or you will be prohibited by admins of the website. The content that we display on the site is applicable and protected by copyright laws.

  1. License

By subscribing to Techblunt, you are granted with a permission to view and download the material uploaded on the site. There are certain conditions, though.

You cannot:

  • modify the content that is downloaded;
  • use the content elsewhere, without the prior permission;
  • discard any of the copyright or proprietary notations from the material; and/or
  • transfer the data from the site to another person or to any other server.

The license will automatically terminate for the user who tries to attempt any violation against any of these mentioned restrictions. After terminating the viewing access or upon the termination of this license, a user is advised to destroy any of the downloaded material preserved in electronic or printed format.

  1. Disclaimer

Techblunt publishes the warranties and other credentials and specifications with respect to dealers’ reference. Hence, Techblunt does not hold any charge for the product’s warranty or any other things. Techblunt takes the content from the standard websites for reference sake and does not promote any particular brand or software under any condition.

  1. Limitations

Techblunt is not eligible to make any changes while delivering the updates. We collect the update news from trustworthy sites and deliver it to you without any self-modification.

  1. Accuracy of the material

Techblunt tries to maintain the accuracy in the information delivered. However, when errors are detected, and if they are considerable, we change the data immediately.

  1. Links

The links that are attached to the Techblunt, are not Techblunt’s responsibility. The content in the external link is not at all, by any mean, is in concern with Techblunt.

  1. Modifications

Techblunt can modify the policies, information and the content published, without notifying the subscribers.

Privacy Policy

Techblunt respects your privacy. We ask for your email id only to deliver our newsletters and updates to you. We keep your information as long as you are our subscriber. We won’t share your details with anyone except the interference of law. We recommend you to be aware of the sites and ads that you are redirected to through our site.

This policy is effective as of 17 June 2018.