Android Go: Right Way For Google To Achieve Its ‘Next Billion’

Recently Alcatel 1X grabs the attention of the people. Any smartphone that is said to be damn good and worth $100 need to be checked. The Google and other companies try to do it several times but the Motorola has made its mark.

Alcatel 1X is expected as big and quick hit as it makes the people wonder how can $100 smartphones be so useful. One can feel worth after buying it. Not because of its camera or display or even the suede finish, its only because of Android Go. One can experience a complete feel of using a smartphone. This really makes us wonder how could a smartphone run with Android Oreo hardware which costs less than a good calculator.

Android Go

Android Go comes with a quick refresher. Android Oreo gives a complete utilization of all Google apps but in a trimmed way.

Applications are trimmed a bit and chrome can load fast and can run on devices with 1 GB RAM. Android itself stripped where it is unnecessary and also cuts at extra overhead and it also gives a better experience.

Another billion target can be achieved by Google using Android Go

You need to know why it is mentioned that Google will achieve another billion customers. In rural areas like South America and Africa, people don’t have a good infrastructure or 5G network or good economy to support $900 smartphone, So Android Go will really help.

Building an emerging market is part of developer session from Facebook in the past year. When we talk about emerging Market, it is a third Wond, where extreme poverty hit the list and even then people tend to buy some expensive things like smartphones. Google launched its $30 smartphone which is low in price.

Facebook is unique in building their social network for sort of hardware. Something new need to be developed to open Facebook within 10 seconds on a 3G network. So, Android Go tried to give a core experience of what people want and what to leave that is not required.

Android Go performance is ensured even in $100 smartphones. This phone gives everything that a smartphone has. There is no doubt that Google will soon achieve next billion targets.

No wonder that Google deserves praise for what they’ve done with Android Go. A hearty congrats to “Caesar Sengupta” and the entire Next Billion team.

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