Apple Watch 5 Rumors: Expected Price, Specifications & Release Date

Every year brings a new Apple wristwatch, and recently there have been Apple Watch 5 rumors. The Apple Watch 5 rumors include release date, price, feature, and more. Apple Watch 4 became a sophisticated piece because of its functions; heart health feature including a clinical-grade electrocardiogram feature for detecting atrial fibrillation.

Apple has decided to release more features in its Apple Watch series 5. Here’s what the rumor of the Apple Watch series 5.

Apple Watch 5 Rumors: Price and Specifications

Apple Watch 5 Rumors Price Specs

For a few years, Apple has announced the unveiling of its new watch at its September iPhone event. If history is to repeat itself, the unveiling will hold around September 12. The series 4 cost $399 for the non-LTE version, while the series 3 with GPS cost around $349. It is possible for the series 5 to cost more than the series 4 because of the more advanced feature that will be added.

Apple Watch 5 Rumors: Built-in Sleep Tracking

Apple has been able to build a helpful health and fitness-tracking feature to its watch series. But the watch has no in-built app for logging your sleep. A third party app does sleep logging, and other smartwatch manufacturers such as Fitbit, Garmin, and Samsung all have an in-built sleep tracking on their smartwatch. It will be nice to see this feature in the new series because it’s also an essential factor to evaluate the overall health.

Upgraded Design

Apple Watch always looks the same at every new launch. It will be great to see a new design from Apple this year. Apple has successfully changed the design of its mobile phone device from iPhone 7 to the iPhone X series, so it’s possible we see a new model this year.

OLED Display

Apple has relied on LG to produce watch panels, but there’s been a rumor that Apple is planning to contract its screen making to a Japanese company to provide OLED screen for its Apple Watch series 5. So, we expect to see some changes in its series 5 OLED screens.


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