20 Best Google Chrome Extensions For Business

In this article, we’ll provide you with the best Google Chrome extensions for business. The chrome extension store is packed with a number of useful extensions. So, it’s quite difficult to find the best extension as per your need. So, here we are with the list of best Google Chrome extensions for business.

List Of Best Google Chrome Extensions For Business



It is one of the best Google Chrome extensions for business. TeamPassword helps in handling numerous logins for teams who focus on saving time and keep a project running. It helps us to share credentials with our team. This extension keeps our work protected from unknowns to slash information.

Quick Capture

Quick Capture

As the name suggests, Quick Capture helps you to quickly capture the images on a screen. It also enables us to add notes to text or diagram with proper explanation.

Rubber Stamp


In any type of business, we need to purchase many products and also need to review them and approve payments. For all this, one of the best extension used is Rubber Stamp. It supervises your purchased orders, creating requests and approving payments.

ConvergeHub Lead Generator

ConvergeHub Lead Generator

For capturing the lead from various social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Converge Hub enables us to add them to our database. Some professionals daily focus hours to save these leads in their database to enhance their work.

SurfEasy VPN – Security, Privacy, Unblock

SurfEasy VPN

SurfEasy VPN chrome extension helps us to surf easily without losing our privacy, blocking websites and protects the security on hotspots. It also does not reveal our IP address.

Plann3r – Meeting Scheduler for Gmail


This chrome extension is restricted to the Gmail users. It enables the user to arrange meetings easier and much more efficiently by just pressing the plann3r button, You are ready for a meeting.

SMhack – Social Media Management Tool


It inspects all our social media things from a single location. It manages, monitors and also publishes the requirements.

List Goal

List Goal

List goal retains the goal of the business at the top always. By targeting your goal, it focuses on building your email list. In other words, it helps in keeping you focused.



To prevent your key points, researches and developments that are helping you in growing your business, you need to keep your browsing history private. And to keep this private, Sneekr provides password-protected dashboard.

ZipBooks – Time Tracker


For business, you need clients which we can easily get from ZipBooks extension. It allows contractors and small businesses to create a work for you.

Tellq – Click-to-Call


Almost every business needs a customer support service center where they can resolve the problems of their customers. This call center can be made easily by using an extension namely “TELLq”. Tellq can provide you an entire in-house call center. This extension only uses your web browser and provides you best strategic call distribution system.



For enhancing your business you need to focus on the needs of your clients. SiteJabber is the extension which reviews every site you surf and tells what community thinks of what you surf.

It tells their reviews by using red, yellow and green Sj button in the corner of your browser.

FairBlocker – Ad Blocker with Support


FairBlocker blocks the frequently appearing ads on the screen that makes you unable to focus on your work while still allowing you to support creators. You can still carry on surf the web by just granting a small monthly payment.

SendJim – Marketing Automation


SendJim is a selling automation package that generates new leads and follows up the clients. It keeps track on marketing, its impact and manages related problems.

PayPanther – Small Business Manager


For managing the small businesses online, PayPanther can be used. It allows you to keep tacking your clients, generates attracting designer quotes, invoices and manages your projects and get paid for them online.

Nervatura Touch – Data Manager

Nervatura Touch

It is a business management extension that can handle any type of business-related information. It can easily manage all the business related things starting from details of the customers to shipping, stock or remittance information.

Evernote – Note Taker Web Clipper


It is also one of the best Google Chrome extensions for business. Whenever you find something useful out there while surfing, you can easily store it in Evernote. It provides you with a private Evernote account where you can store a lot of useful stuff which you have found on the web. It Clips the pages you want to keep and save them in Evernote, so you can access that data on any device easily.



SignEasy allows you to sign and send documents in Gmail without leaving the Gmail. By just clicking on the SignEasy logo, you can easily sign in and have a look on your attachment you got.

MyCityPlace – Directory


For the safe side of our business, we should ensure the profile of the site we are going to indulge in. MYCityPlace extension displays the whole profile, reviews, and ratings of the site by using the phone number given on the current site that you have visited.



For setting up the business, we need to set up accounting part, send invoices, getting paid, runs our business 24*7 on PCs, MACs etc. and all these things can be done by just using a single extension named “ SlickPie”.

Before using the above mentioned best Google Chrome extensions for business, the one who set up the business needs to focus on the goals he/she wants to achieve and then make use of these chrome extensions accordingly.


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