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How To Change Netflix Quality On Firestick [Step-By-Step Guide]

In this guide, you’ll be learning how you can easily change Netflix quality on Firestick. So stay tuned.

Netflix is one of the biggest video streaming stages in the world; it has millions of subscribers enjoying its services. It currently has 1569 shows and 4010 movies available for streaming.

In the current quarantine days, for some people, Netflix is the only thing which is keeping them entertained. Hence, Netflix is one of the most popular source of entertainment.

Amazon Fire TV also is known as Amazon fire TV stick is a line of a digital media player and micro consoles created by Amazon. The Fire Stick is a small network device that delivers digital audio, and video content streamed via the Internet to connected high-definition television. Some people do struggle with the fact they are unable to change the resolution of their Netflix movies and show. So, we will tell you how to change Netflix quality on Firestick.

The Amazon Fire TV stick has a lot of extensive features that will help you to change the video quality and video playback speed.

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Steps to Change Netflix Quality On FireStick

Just follow the given steps and change the resolution of your video:

Step 1- Go to the settings menu to reach the display settings in it. The viewer must press the Home button for some time which will directly lead to the settings menu.

Step 2- Please select the option Display and Sounds among all other options and then select the sub-option relating to it.

Step 3- From the sub-option of Display and Sounds select Display option. You will see the current resolution that is displayed. After selecting the option, you can change the resolution of your choice. You can either chose the resolution of your choice or to Auto.

Step 4- After you select your desired resolution, you will get a confirmation dialogue box select to confirm your choice or else select the cancel option from the dialogue box if you don’t want to.

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We sincerely hope that by following the methods mentioned above, you will know how to change Netflix quality on Firestick. Make sure to check out all of our latest technology updates and tech trends.


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