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Firefox Security: Fixes The Critical Buffer Overflow

There is a Firefox security update that ‘Firefox fixes the critical buffer overflow’ in their Skia library. Mozilla has announced a security news (Bug news) earlier this month for its Firefox browser. The update includes the fixes for Firefox 60.0.2, ESR 52.8.1 and ESR 60.0.2. The security update was named as Mozilla foundation security advisory 2018-14.

Firefox Security: Fixes the Critical Buffer Overflow

This buffer overflow was first recognized by the security researcher ‘Ivan Fratric’ at Google Project Zero. He says the bug was critical and occurred within Firefox’s implementation of the Skia library. The Skia library is a graphics library (open-source) that has used by many mainstream browsers out there.

It provides the common APIs that work on a variety of software of hardware platforms. Skia has used for rastering and rendering images and text. Browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Operating systems like Chrome OS, Firefox OS, Android use Skia library. It available for anyone under BSD free software license and its managed by Google.

Fratric discovered an attacker can easily trigger a malicious SVG file with anti-aliasing turned off. Hence, it could trigger a critical buffer overflow while rastering the images or text.

Mozilla has rated this as a critical bug

Mozilla referred that this was a critical bug in our software and it could lead to a major exploitable crash. All you have to do is that visit a malicious website and attacker could have crashed it. That means this bug could have allowed an attacker to execute code without letting a user know about it. Mozilla rated this bug in a critical state and We think that its more than just crashing a browser.

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After the bug was fixed by Mozilla, Eric Vanderburg who is cybersecurity expert tweeted that “#Firefox fixed critical buffer overflow”.

The updated versions of Firefox have been available on 6th June 2018, So do check your version and update your Firefox.

The updated versions of Firefox have been available on 6th June 2018, So do check your version and update your Firefox.

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