Why Google Chrome Using Too Much RAM?

I guess most of you might be using Google Chrome. Well, some of you might be wondering that why chrome using too much RAM. If you guys don’t know about it or didn’t do proper research on that issue, then you are on the right place. Most of you might not know this but yes Chrome eats up your ram like the turkey on Thanksgiving. If you just check the task manager, then you can see that chrome might be on top. That is because chrome using too much RAM all together.

Why is that so?

Browsing the web has become more complex than olden days as now everything is one using web browsers. When you are on your computer you tend to use chrome or any other browser. And you’ll be browsing the web, watching YouTube videos, Netflix etc. When you do so in order to run these things smoothly chrome uses too much RAM. Chrome’s RAM usage is unique because it stores every plug-in, tabs, extension, etc as different RAM process. This process is called Isolation, this helps to prevent one process from overlapping another one for a smooth and a better experience.

This is the sole purpose of the reason why there are multiple entries of chrome when you open up task manager. When you see the RAM usage of each of those process it might look like it’s a small amount and it’s not a big issue. This is the catch when you add up those small amounts, it will become a big number. Overall it leads to a situation where chrome uses too much RAM.

chrome uses too much RAM

Running each process as a separate one is really helpful, In case, If one process crashes then it won’t affect other processes and the browser will remain stable. Most of you might know this that some of the other plug-ins will fail and as that’s a separate process it just needs the tab to be refreshed. Now you might have realized that if every single tab and plug-ins run in the same process you might have to restart the whole browser. This will affect the efficiency of the browser and also your work.

Single Process System (Why Chrome Using Too Much RAM)

It also means that single-processor browsers are able to switch between tabs and need to be replicated for each and every tab in Chrome. A diagram is given below to show how it’s done.

chrome uses too much RAM

It also has some security benefits. For easy understanding, it’s more like a sandbox.  Some of you might say using a virtual machine. E.g. if there is a JavaScript attached in chrome then it’s not possible for us to open another tab in chrome. But in a single-processor browser like chrome, it won’t be an issue.

In Addition to the plug-ins, tabs, and extensions, some of the few processes. Also, it will end up using RAM with a pre-rendering being a good example. Pre-rendering helps chrome to predict or let’s say it will take a guess what webpage you might tend to visit next. This definitely requires some resources and chrome uses too much RAM to do so. But this will really help in improving your browsing experience. It might eat all the RAM available but your browsing experience will be smooth as a butter.

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