How To Hide Unwanted Flashy Content From Website In Firefox

To hide unwanted flashy content from a website is not a hectic task to do. We all want clean reading while we are on any device (Mobile, Desktop, Tablet etc). There a lot of annoying ads out there on some websites. Even though most of the websites provide the good and clean content. But there unwanted flashy content and advertisement get them one step backwards. If you use Firefox as your primary browser then you can hide this unwanted flashy content easily? You just have to follow few steps and that’s it.

Let’s see how to hide unwanted flashy content from website in Firefox

Most of the websites out there use the Adobe Flash player to display content. This player can also be run malicious software on your computer by hackers. By default, this plugin was previously always active. But nowadays, you can set the preferences of your own. You can set it  ‘Ask to activate’. This way the plugin will only be working on few websites on which you visit most of the times.

  • Click on the ‘Open menu’ button and choose the ‘Add-ons’ options.

hide unwanted flashy content

  • Now, Add-ons manager will open and you need to click on ‘Plugins’ from the left-hand side panel.

hide unwanted flashy content

  • Check for ‘Shockwave Flash’ and Choose the option ‘Ask to Activate’ from drop-down options.

Whenever you’re now going to visit the site which use Flash player to show content. Firefox will ask you to ‘Activate Adobe Flash’ player. It’s your choice to activate it or not.

Use extensions to hide unwanted flashy content

With the help of ‘Extension’, you can block unnecessary content from a website or any web page on the internet.


This extension allows you to enable and disable scripts running on a specific website selectively. This provides you with a security for your browser. It secures you from clickjacking attacks and JavaScript exploits. It allows the active content to run only from sites you trust.

  • Visit the extension in ‘Firefox Add-ons’ panel.
  • Click on ‘Add to Firefox’ button. It will download and ask you to ‘Add NoScript?’ or not.

hide unwanted flashy content

  • Click on ‘Add’ button and it will be successfully added.


This extension allows you to blocks ads on any website. Its great extension against advertisement and popups. Follow the above steps to download and add the extension in Firefox.

hide unwanted flashy content

This was all about how to hide unwanted flashy content in Firefox. We share latest technology trends also. Don’t forget to check them and follow us on social media.

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