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Hotstar DR-1100 Playback Error [Fix For Android Phone And TV]

Disney+ Hotstar is a subscription-based streaming service which is owned by Star India, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. Hotstar has a variety of content ranging from Disney Marvel shows to HBO originals. A lot of users are reporting DRM issues in Hotstar. In this article, we will tell you what causes this Hotstar DR-1100 error (“Playback Error: Error playing this content due to DRM issues. Please try again.”) and how you can solve it.

What causes this issue?

Digital Rights Management or DRM is a piece of software that allows the playback of copyrighted media on your device. DRM ensures that the copyrighted media cannot be modified, transferred or copied in any sort of way that’s why most of the content on Disney+ Hotstar is DRM protected.

Many people are facing DR-1100 error while playing the content on Disney+ Hotstar. Generally, the unsupported device and downgraded Hotstar app causes this issue.

In order to watch DRM protected videos, one will need a DRM supported application/device and a valid subscription from Disney+ Hotstar.

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Hotstar DR-1100 Playback Error [Fix For Android Phone And TV]

How to Fix Disney+ Hotstar DR-1100 Playback Error?

If you’re facing DR-1100 error on your device while playing the videos, you can fix it by following the methods given below:

Quick ways to fix DR-1100 Error on Android Phone:

  1. Download/Update the latest version of Disney+ Hotstar app.
  2. Install the DRM info app and check the security level.
  3. Download the EXO player. Make sure the device isn’t rooted.

Quick ways to fix DR-1100 Error on Android TV:

  1. Clear Data and Cache.
  2. Update the TV operating system.
  3. Restart the TV.

Follow These Steps for Android Phone

  1. Download and install the DRM info app from PlayStore.
  2. Open the DRM info app and scroll to find the security level.
  3. If you find L2, L3 security level. Then your device will not be able to play DRM protected content.
  4. But if you L1 security level follow the given steps.
  5. Download the EXO Player app.
  6. Open the Exo Player app and play the videos if the videos do not play your chosen device is not capable of playing the video.
  7. Also, if your device is rooted the DRM content will not play.

Follow These Steps for Android TV

Clear Data and Cache:

  1. On the TV remote, press the HOME button and then select Settings.
  2. Then Select Apps
  3. Then Select Disney+ Hotstar App
  4. Click Clear Data and Clear Cache
  5. Select Force Stop,
  6. Open the Disney + Hotstar App again.

Restart the TV:

  1. Power off your TV for a minimum of 60 seconds
  2. While your TV is powered off, press and hold the power button for 5 seconds.
  3. Power the TV back on.
  4. Turn your TV ON and then open the Disney+ Hotstar app.

Try Updating the operating system of the TV:

  1. On the TV’s remote, press the HOME button
  2. Then Select Settings after that find Device Preference
  3. Select About Device
  4. Finally Select Software update.

We sincerely hope that the information mentioned above is informative on how to fix the DRM issue in Hotstar (DR-1100 playback error) and how to solve this issue. For the latest tech info, stay updated with Techblunt.


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