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How HULU Live TV Works: Availability, Cost, Channels, Device Support

Want to know how HULU Live TV works, then this article is for you. We have explained how Hulu TV works in various areas like channels, device support, user interface, cost and availability.

Hulu is an American subscription video-on-demand service fully controlled and majority-owned by Walt Disney Direct-to-Consumer & International. It offers great content for a monthly subscription.

HULU TV is in direct competition with Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, and others that offer live TV and cloud DVR features.

So, how HULU Live TV works?

how hulu live tv works

Availability of HULU TV

At this moment (on launch), HULU TV is only available in the United States. But soon it will be available in other countries as well.

Cost for HULU TV

There is a seven-day free trial, but after that, viewers have to pay $39.99 a month.

Device Support

Currently, HULU TV supports iOS devices, Android devices, Apple TV, Xbox One, and Chromecast. In addition to that, support for Samsung smart TVs, and Amazon Fire TV are also in the works.


The beta version of HULU includes ESPN, Fox Sports, FX, USA, Viceland, CNN, Fox News, and many more. Viewers will also be able to stream live games from major pro and college leagues, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and NCAA. Viewers can watch the top national sports channels, with local sports channels in many cities.

User Interface of HULU TV

The user interface of HULU TV has the usual Hulu features, like Watchlist and recommendations. The users will be able to manage six profiles at once. The video above shows that while you’re watching, from your remote control, you will be able to add what’s currently playing to your favourites or search for something else to watch. The interface of HULU will make your favourite shows, and TV channels appear first. This interface will be easy to control and very user friendly.

Viewers can sign for the beta version of HULU TV on HULU’s website.

We sincerely hope that the information mentioned above is helpful to know how HULU live TV works and how you can watch your favourite movies and Tv shows. Make sure to check out all our latest technology updates and trends. Follow us and our social media handle for the latest updates. 


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