India May Ban iPhone Within 6 Months If Apple Keeps Fighting TRAI

Is the clock ticking backward for iPhone manufacturer Apple when it comes to India!? Apple is facing a hard time considering the new regulatory policy of TRAI over the matter of spam calls and messages. There are fair chances that leading telecom service providers like Airtel, Vodafone & Jio may have to delist Apple iPhone from their network portal range which may lead to ban iPhone in India.

India May Ban Iphone

As per the latest coverage, TRAI has come out with an app named DND (an updated version called DND 2.0) where Apple has denied placing such app on the iOS app store because it may lead to risking the privacy of Apple users.

Well, Apple is always the first choice of users in India when it comes to choosing a phone which can keep user details private since users face loopholes in Google Android. Although, DND 2.0 app is available on Google play store and can be downloaded. Apple is not offering such a platform which may lead to ban iPhone in India.

India May Ban iPhone Within 6 Months

TRAI as per the new mandatory guidelines for telecom providers made it strict for both Android and iPhone to allow DND app to run over the phones. Apple currently doesn’t provide access to DND App which may lead to ban iPhone in India in the near future and android shall persist.

TRAI has given six month time to every Access Provider to ensure smartphone devices registered on their network support the permissions required for the functioning of such Apps as prescribed in the regulations 6(2)(e) and regulations 23(2)(d) and if not, then post expiration of six months period such devices shall be delisted and derecognized.

Since the road may seem steeper at the moment but the situation is like two roads leading to one destination where both TRAI and Apple are going to serve the same business. TRAI has created the app to help restrain spam calls and messages to which Apple is in disagreement considering the privacy of users.

Since Apple is more concerned with the privacy of users which is the benchmark of all its products, the glory may fade away in oblivion as India may ban Apple due to this regulation of TRAI.

In today’s world, the customer is considered as the king of the market. Also, Apple has very well captured the market and trust of customers in India. Apple soon may come out with a way out in its upcoming version of iOS 12 to cater to the guidelines of TRAI by introducing new features which serve the purpose of TRAI’s curbing of spam calls and messages.


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