MIUI 10 Features: 7 Improvements You Should Know About

One should know the MIUI 10 features implemented by Xiaomi in MIUI 10.

The most awaited Xiaomi’s MIUI 10 update is finally out this month. There are numerous updates in this MIUI 10 features but not every update is a significant one.

Everyone may wonder why one should download this? But here are some of the latest updates that help them get answers for their own question.

MIUI 10 Features

List of Improvised MIUI 10 Features:

  • Portrait mode available in single cameras

Usually, Portrait mode requires dual camera set up to grasp depth information and other details. In the past year, as a trendsetter MIUI 10 has released a software-based solution in single camera to get a better picture.

Previously Xiaomi has launched portrait mode in dual camera setups but it’s a new concept to use portrait mode in single camera. The company stated they have trained and tested their portrait algorithms on more than 100,000 photos. So we expect best and quality pictures.

  •  Redesigned recent menu

Xiaomi has marked their very first attack into UI navigation for 18:9 screens. A vertical scrolling list of running apps which makes full use of the expanded screen in the new recent menu. And one can delete the apps by swiping and one can tap-and-hold for more options.

  • Nature inspired Notification

Samsung’s TouchWiz, as reminiscent move, Xiaomi has taken an initiative to give nature sound system and deliver the notification. The company says they use droplet sounds for notification and for consecutive notifications the droplet sound differs. It is so amazing to hear the rhythm of the droplets.

  • A timer for relaxing?

In MIUI 10 features, a timer is fixed with a nature-themed sound which is very attractive and relaxing. The forest theme, drizzle to night time and fire themes are available in this update.

  • A new design of brightness/volume slides

It is one of the notable and biggest updates which grave the attention of the users. The brightness and volume slides are entirely different from other phones.

When we tap on the volume button, the volume setting is displayed in the right corner of the phone screen and the volume overlay in the center or on top of the screen.

One can adjust the brightness/volume by dragging on the screen. As it is a new way, it is welcoming in the market.

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  •   High responsiveness

As Android is evolving in the market, Google tries to increase the speed and fluidity of the platform. Xiaomi has also shown their priority in this release and no difference is to be found in the upcoming products.

The company proudly announced that the MIUI 10 features have two new updates to speed up. One of which is “lock-free critical path” and another one is “co-dependent prioritizing.” With the aid, the new update Xiaomi expects 10 % improvement in the speeding process.

  • Specific Addition

Xiaomi shows their tremendous growth and sales in the Indian market. It ranks number one in terms of shipment in accordance to tracking firm.

In case of Paytm app process, MIUI 10 features made an integrated move to scan the QR code. A local service page to the browser app, filled with services are additional updates made for Indian users. There are some progressive web pages which are similar to an app.

In addition to that Xiaomi brings neat app linking functionals like Xiaomi SMS app in which one can see the order/delivery details made on Flipkart. Xiaomi’s updates are welcoming over the countries and Google will assist and adopt certain updates to a larger extent.

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