Real Time Ray Tracing Technology – What Is It And How It Works?

Have you ever tried to find out that how can we enjoy our games with so wonderful graphics? That is because of real time ray tracing technology. Ray tracing has widely used for non-real-time rendering. But nowadays, NVIDIA has started using real time ray tracing technology for tracing the path of light.

What is Real Time Ray Tracing Technology?

You may have seen the new series of graphics cards of Nvidia that says RT, right? Well, it stands for Ray tracing which is a rendering method that traces the path of lights when it interacts with an object in a scene. It is a method which a graphics engine uses in its system to calculate how light sources affects the object within its virtual environment.

How Real Time Ray Tracing Technology Works?

This is the technique used by the graphics engine to trace the light in the scene as they bounce from object to object while doing the calculation how to move. As compared to the previous graphics cards, ray tracing produces ever more realistic shadows, occlusions, and reflections.

Real Time Ray Tracing Technology

At the viewers perspective, some lighting effects have rendered on a single 2-dimensional plane, and not constantly throughout the environment. The developers say, this all has been achieved at a very complex maths that how virtual light behaves and how much effects are visible to the player at a given time.

Currently, Nvidia has tackled with many issues for real time ray tracing with a new graphics architecture which is known as Turing. CUDA has arrived in 2006 and since then TURING is the biggest jump in graphics.

If I talk about the issues here in real time ray tracing technology, the first issue as would be tackling with the problem of assisting in next-generation computer graphics. The second issue would be its cost, the Turing card in the new architecture was above $10k. But NVIDIA is continuously pushing hard to put this technology in a consumer level GPUs. It’s actually hasn’t been done by any company till date.

It’s going to be a big jump in the area of computer graphics. It will be helpful for the gamers, for the editors, animators who use the graphics card for their work.


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