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How To Write A Reconsideration Request To Remove Google Penalty

If you feel your blog is losing its importance and recognition from search engines. You may be wondering why Google does this terrific thing to your site. No worries, It is the right time to do reconsideration request without any second thought.

Here are the 7 steps which surely help you to figure out what happened to your business.

This reconsideration request will be an aid to set up the frenzy things back into smooth one.

Step 1: Research, Research, and Research

As we know Google expects Quality content and to make that happen a guideline has been prescribed. Cloaking, scheming the links, enabling hidden text or links, stuffing keywords, creating domain or subdomain for the same content, creating new pages for malicious practice, doorway pages, and duplicate contents are inclusive within the breach.

  • The first and foremost thing to do is the SEO Audit for the website to check and ensure the link and the content standard. It is something technical.
  • The second thing is to analyze the data to find when the drop has happened, and which part of the section needs the most care and so on.
  • Thirdly you should check the keywords in Google Webmaster to determine that someone has not hacked your website and has not inserted any hidden links on your site.

Step 2: Tell the reason why your site exists

One should establish what is the purpose of the site, what you do, who owns it and also the vision and goal of your site should be clearly explained.

Step 3: What happened

This part of reconsideration request should be precise about what had happened during your research, is your research leads to an effective result and or some other result which gives a clear picture of your website.

Step 4: Be Honest – Google has heard every excuse in its book

As humans, we go with the proverb “Honesty is the best policy”. Just try to give a clear and true picture of your site. Don’t just give a false statement or misstatement just to convince Google. For this reconsideration request, Honesty is the best way. To comply with the Webmaster guidelines and don’t ever compromise with the quality for any reason. Just ensure that there should not be any violation of the quality guidelines.

Step 5: Conclusion

Once you disclosed all the details and wrong things that you have done, you should also ensure that you must fix that issue and can make up the situation in a better way, you can conclude your request.

If you feel you can fix up the situation. I would conclude the body of the reconsideration request by saying something like :


Step 6: Give it your John Hancock

Once you are done with the reconsideration request you should sign your name, Title and of course your website at the bottom. Just make sure that no fake name or details are entered. Be Transparent and honest with all your particulars.

Step 7: Make it Official

Lastly, Go to Google reconsideration page and send it to Google.

Most of the time the response of this request from Google will be something like :

Make It Official

You will again receive a mail once they have reviewed your request. And it will be like :

Make Official

You may wonder whether this thing will work. Don’t confuse we have resolved many websites who have trouble with their website and also we do consultation regarding your website if you in a hard situation. Also, Kindly let us know if you have any other issues.

Don’t panic. You will surely get a response for your request but wait for a period of 2 weeks before sending another reconsideration request.

“It really takes time to remove links. We do receive a large number of a reconsideration request, it will take few weeks time to check and give reviews. We advise you to take the required time to remove the unnatural backlinks to your website before making another request. ” – Google.

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