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RLZ Identifier Parameter: Good Old Days Of Chromium

When the new and a stable version of Google Chrome was released last March, the developers tried everything possible to improve the privacy, transparency and some other options in the Google Chrome Browser. That’s the only one area where the developers have a lot of questions and interest regarding the RLZ Identifier library. RLZ Identifier gives the user the ability to precisely measure the success of their distribution partnerships and marketing promotions in order to meet their specific financial and contractual requirements. It assigns non-personally, non-unique recognizable promotion tracking labels to all the client products and also these labels occasionally appear in Google search bar queries in Google Chrome.

RLZ Identifier Parameter

Keeping the record of the use of promotional tags and tokens in Google Chrome was fairly a good start. But the developers wanted to take this transparency thing a step further. Their goal was not only to show the users exactly which they were sending as the distribution information. But also that what information was being included and how it exactly it was generated in the first place.

However, the developers have now made the code that generates the RLZ identifier parameter from time to time that appears in Google search queries, open-sourced. They have also made the RLZ identifier library in their own project in the Google Code site. As this will be in the same library that will be used in other Google products in the future. This is equivalent to how the developers opened Omaha, the Google Updater technology, as their own open-source project.

RLZ Identifier

About Chromium – RLZ Identifier Parameter

Chromium won’t be extinct, it will always continue to exist, excluding any RLZ Identifier library content included. Well, you are still able to download Google Chrome with no RLZ behavior here at But now that RLZ identifier is open source. Google Chrome which is being distributed through the promotional means will include the open-source implementation of RLZ identifier.

Google’s goal in making the code open-source is not just making Google Chrome transparent. But they are hoping that by making it open-source people can use the code in their projects and make something innovative with that.

This is just a small step taken by Google to get the community together. Feel free to leave your comments below.

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