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Microsoft To Fix Windows 10 Bug: Windows 10 April Update

The new Windows 10 April 2018 update has some bugs which are affecting apps like Cortana and Google Chrome. The bug continues to freeze these apps and sometimes hangs the computer also. This windows 10 bug, which rolled out with the windows 10 April 2018 update was available to the over-all public on Monday, has become the main cause for most of the Reddit as well as Microsoft’s and Google Chrome’s support forums to complain about this apparently random incident where the computers freeze and lockup.

One of the frustrated Reddit user called TheCuteCat said: “Everything freezes, keys won’t work, Ctrl Alt Delete doesn’t work”. The only option left for them is to put the computer to sleep by pressing the power button.

One of the people confirmed that the windows 10 bug may only affect some of the win 10 machines. It seems like the windows 10 bug will only impact on the newer computers with Intel’s integrated graphics chips.

Microsoft Admitted Windows 10 Bug Issue

Microsoft said that they will start working on fixing this bug in a new update to the Windows 10. The new update is going to release on 8th May 2018. The new Update will fix the windows 10 bug issue.

Windows 10 Bug

A Microsoft agent said on the company’s support forums that, “Some devices may freeze or might hang when using some major apps, such as Chrome or Hey Cortana or after installing the new Windows 10 Update,”.

Microsoft suggested that the people who are suffering from this should suspend the laptop by closing the lid and opening it again. They can also press the volume up and volume down buttons at the same time, three times within 2 sec on a Windows tablet to refresh the screen.

It also suggested to try the following key command to refresh the screen:

Windows key + Ctrl + Shift + B

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