5 Best Firefox YouTube Video Downloaders You Can Use

In this article, I’m going to show you the 5 best Firefox YouTube Videos Downloaders for downloading youtube videos. YouTube is a platform on which people upload a lot of videos daily. These videos can be of tutorials for entertainment purposes or any other purpose. The people out there use these downloaders to download these Youtube videos on their PC to watch them later. If you are a Firefox daily user and use it as a primary browser then this article is for you. Further, you’ll see the top 5 best Firefox Youtube Videos Downloader that you can use for downloading Youtube Videos.

5 Best Firefox YouTube Videos Downloaders You Can Use

Following given below is the list of the best Firefox YouTube Video Downloaders out there:

Flash Video Downloader – YouTube HD Download [4K]

Best Firefox YouTube Videos Downloaders

Flash Video Downloader is the fastest and the most popular Youtube Video Downloader Extension for Firefox out there. This works fine and on all the websites basically. It’s able to download 4K videos from Youtube and Full HD, MP3 as well. After installing this extension, whenever you are going to visit the youtube website and play a video, the colour of the extension will change to blue.

1-Click YouTube Video Download

Best Firefox YouTube Videos Downloaders

This wonderful extension for Firefox has been developed by 1-Click YouTube Video Download Team. This extension is able to download videos in any format available on YouTube except for 1080p. When you will install this extension and visit the YouTube website, on the bottom of any video you play, there will be a red colour button added. That means, when you click on that red button, it will show you available formats for that video to download. You just need to simply click on that button and your downloading will start.

Easy Youtube Video Downloader Express

Best Firefox YouTube Videos Downloaders

Another great featured extension by the developer named ‘Dishita’. The developer says it is capable of downloading videos (in 1080p as well) and audio (256KBPS) both. It also downloads videos from youtube in 720p, MP4 and in other qualities as well. Similar to the previous extension, it also adds up a small green coloured button near the subscribe button. Rest of the process you know well.

YouTube Video and Audio Downloader (WebEx)

Best Firefox YouTube Videos Downloaders

It is also one of the best Firefox YouTube Videos downloaders out there. And not only videos, but it is also capable of doing audio formats as well. It is also the featured extension in Firefox add-ons. After the installation, go to the options and install the native client first then install the FFMPEG executable. To download videos and audios in high quality, this integration is necessary.

YouTube™ Downloader Lite

Best Firefox YouTube Videos Downloaders

YouTube Downloader Lite is a very efficient Youtube Videos downloader developed by ‘Belav & Emmy’. As the name says, it’s very lite and easy to use. It extracts and supports almost all resolutions for downloading videos. It also adds up a small white colour button may be near the like and dislike button of the YouTube video. Simply, click on that button and download the videos in the given available formats.

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