3 Best Google Chrome Extensions For Readers

Are you a person who prefers reading over any other thing? Is reading is a part of your daily routine?

If your answer is “Yes”. Then, here’s the list of best Google Chrome extensions for readers. And most importantly these Chrome extensions for Readers are user-friendly.

Reading without any interruption is also possible with Google extensions. Here are the three wonderful life saver chrome extensions for Readers.

List of Best Google Chrome Extensions For Readers

Readability For Chrome: For clutter-free Online Reading

Mercury Reader

If you are a reader who hates when some pop up box flash on the screen, this extension will surely help you.

Clutter-free reading will remove all unwanted segment on the websites and it just helps you to focus on your reading. The readability mode is more important while reading the blog or the article.

Easy Reader For Chrome: For Comfortable Online reading

Easy Reader

If you want to enjoy your online reading, just try this Easy reader. With aid of this Easy reader extension, you can prioritize the content and also can edit the font, colors and can change page background or even set image as per your need.

Read Mode: For pleasant online Reading

Read Mode

It’s so cool when you can read the content without any flash animations or ads. You can just concentrate on the content without distractions.

Using Read Mode is easy and simple. You can use it just with a click of the mouse. Once, You have clicked the “Glass icon”, then you can read your content without any distraction and after the completion of your reading, click the “Glass icon” again. You can also adjust the screen with the black and white theme.

I hope you will enjoy reading using these extensions !!

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