10 Best Google Chrome Extensions For Students

I’m pretty sure, you are here in the search of best Google Chrome extensions for students. So, as everyone knows in recent time technology rules the world. And for students technology is a boom but at times turn into a disaster. To develop the student’s knowledge Google chrome give some best extensions.

When we surf information, we always use browsers. But Google Chrome is the best browser when it comes to giving the information in a detailed and clear manner. Students can access the chrome and get all kind of pdf’s, images, documents and can surf for some new words.

We have enormous solutions for every issue and the same applies here. Google has “n” number of extensions which are really helpful. But many of the students have no clue about these extensions.

Creating an interest among the students is a hectic task and to make that happen we have shortlisted some 10 wonderful and best Google Chrome extensions for students of all classes. Some of the extensions are made by Google and some other are created by other parties but we can see all extensions in Google Web store.

List Of 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions For Students

Split Tabs

Split Tabs

Split Tabs is the Quick and productive extension which is useful for students. They can open many tabs and arrange the tabs according to their preference. They can get adequate information in an efficient way. With Mac OS X and Windows (7 and up), splitting tab is quite easy just by dragging the tab towards right or left. We can open tab and surf.

Google Dictionary (By Google)

Google Dictionary

When students work they may feel hard to choose good and effective words. To guide them, Google Dictionary helps. With this aid, one can learn new words and its meaning. Just by a double tapping on the word, they can know the meaning, definition, and origin of the word.

Flashcard for Google Dictionary


This Flashcard extension is a flash card which can be used digitally for the words, we saved from Google Dictionary extension. The digital flashcard appears with the word and we can get to know the usage of the sentence. It is an easily accessible extension.

Power Thesaurus

Power Thesaurus

We could find difficult to understand the correct meaning of the words but this extension assists us to find the synonyms and antonyms for any word. With a double-click on the word or by searching using the toolbar, we can find the required info.

Save to Google Drive

Google Drive

Its more important to save the information we gathered and for that purpose Google Drive is here. Using this extension, we can save images, doc, pdf, and slides very easily. It is another productive extension for the students.

Save to Google Keep

Google Keep Extension

This extension is not popular among many but it is still effective and cool note taking extension. We can create digital ‘sticky’ notes in it, we can also add text, images and even audio. It is useful and at the same time its cool. With a right click of the mouse, we can save. It is one of the best Google Chrome extensions for students.

Kami PDF And Document Mark Up


Document markup is a useful tool for students. Kami is user-friendly and also helps to annotate the pdf’s, documents and images easily. With this, we can view, save and share the files. We can also edit the text, highlight, or even add images or comment to it.

Nimbus Screenshots And Screen Video Recorder


This extension permits to capture screenshots and can record video. The images can be taken directly from the web page or from a specific area. we can arrange the images in an orderly manner and can display them on a single screen.

Video Adblocker for Youtube

Video Adblocker

It will be more distracting when we seriously watch some videos. And when it comes to students they will get annoyed, so to eliminate that factor this extension can be used.

Emoji Keyboard for Google Chrome

Emoji Keyboard

Emoji is really fun. In recent days emoji become part and parcel of life. And to add more colors emoji for Google Chrome is here. With this, we can find, copy and use the emoji keyboard anytime on the web.

This article is all about the best Google Chrome extensions for students. If you want to read more articles related to Google Chrome extensions, then stay connected with us.


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