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17 Best Google Chrome Extensions For Web Developers

List of the best Google Chrome extensions for web developers

We all feel that we are using Google Chrome for a long time, but then the reality knocks that Google Chrome was launched by 2008 and it’s just 10 years that the chrome started doing wonders.

Internet Explorer is the most popular among the users in the initial period but now Chrome is ruling the market but not as much as Internet Explorer. Earlier IE holds 90% of the market share and currently, chrome holds 53.9%. The people who used IE are now the users of Chrome because it is fast, simple to use and has some other unique features.

As a web developer, you should be clear about the design and how it works on various devices. In short Google Chrome should be on the top list. As part of browser testing, certain tools are helpful and created exclusively for the web developers.

List Of Best Google Chrome Extensions For Web Developers

General tool: Web Developer

Web Developer

Web Developer is one of the best Google Chrome extensions for web developers as it has reached almost a million users and got a rating of 4.5 stars. Chris Pedrick is the developer of this particular extension.

Tech Stacks: Wappalyzer


In the year 2009, Elbert Alias developed such an extension which assists the developer to figure out various technologies that make up the back end of a website.

Wappalyzer is an open-source and cross-platform that is able to detect over 1000 technologies which include the service of managing the systems, to provide e-commerce platforms, web frameworks, to create server software, analytics tools and many more.

Responsive Design: Window Resizer

Window Resizer

It plays an important role for developers to test websites for responsive design and this is the reason why Window Resizer Google Chrome extension has reached the market. Without Google’s Mobile-first index initiative, development of this extension is not impossible.

This helps to resize the browser window to test your responsive design in various resolutions. One can customize window sizes of their own or can use common size whichever is suitable for their computer or laptop or mobile.

Page/Element Dimension: Page Ruler

Page Ruler

A ruler on the web page shows you the width, height, and position (top, bottom, left, and right) of any page element. And you can drag or use keys to resize.

Wireframing: Instant Wireframe

Instant Wireframe

This tool helps you to view a web page in different dimensions just by putting Wireframe overlay on the top. To break down page elements, this is an excellent way. It is a simple way to look for design inspiration for a new project.

Code Snapshots: Marmoset


This specific Extension makes us believe that beautiful code snapshots can be created in just fraction of time. Even it may feel little crazy compared to other extensions but it is useful in creating graphical representations of your work.

Broken Links: Check my Links

Check My Links

The effort of manually sorting is reduced by this Google Chrome extension. It automatically finds the links and checks them and also highlight the valid one and the broken one.

Font Identification: WhatFont


WhatFont is one of the best Google Chrome extensions for web developers which is used to identify the font that is used on the webpage. Once installed, Users can hover over on the text to know what’s the font is.

Color Picker: ColorZilla


ColorZilla is one of the most popular and best Google Chrome extensions for web developers as 1.5 million have downloaded in which 1.3 million users exist. You have to hover over the color and its Hex code will be shown to you. As ColorZilla is a multitude of the color device, and it consists of an eyedropper, gradient generator, color picker, and palette viewer.

Best Practical Audit: Web Developers Checklist

Web Developer Checklist

Google Chrome extension analyses and check your website for any major violations of web design related to performance, SEO usability, and accessibility.

View Source Code: Code Cola

Code Cola

This extension helps to view the source of the project on which you are working and also it acts as a CSS editor.

CSS Properties Viewer: CSS Viewer


This extension is created by Nicolas Huon to provide the CSS information that a web developer needs. It works as a floating panel to report the section of a mouse hovers. Font, text, color, background, box, positioning, and effects are the various features found in this extension.

Check JSON code: JSONView


This assists the developers to view documents on the web browser instead of downloading it. The document is formatted and highlighted in a proper way. There is an option to collapse or expand the arrays and objects.

You can check JSON of your site and others, with just a single click of the mouse. You can complete the basic validation as well.

Google Analytics Debugger

Google Analytics Debugger

The debug version permits to access all useful information about the JavaScript. Error messages and warnings help to figure out whether the analytics tracking code is properly set up and also a detailed breakdown of each tracking beacon is sent to Google Analytics.

Managing MySQL database: MySQL Admin

Chrome MySQL Admin

This is one of the best Google extension which is easy to handle our MySQL database. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) admin of the MySQL server is said to be similar to phpMyAdmin, Sequel Pro is also made within.

MySQL Admin features comprise of:

  • Can connect to MySQL server (4.1 or later), and it can also connect to MySQL server with SSL.
  • Can create and drop tables and also can insert and add new rows.
  • Databases can be exported.
PHP Debugging: Clockwork


All necessary information for debugging and profiling PHP scripts are within the brand new panel, and it also has a data request, application log, queries related to databases, routes, and the visualization of application runtime.

Clockwork provide all required data and it can easily merge with any PHP project.

PHP Debugging: XDebug Helper

Xdebug Helper

This Google Chrome extension helps with debugging, profiling, and tracing PHP code instead of struggling with POST/GET variables or cookies.

This article is all about Best Google Chrome Extensions For Web Developers, If you want more relevant articles related to Chrome extensions then stay connected with us.


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