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Best Google Chrome Extensions For Work [Top 8 Selected]

Google Chrome extension is an important tool to use while browsing the internet. One of its main importance is that it helps the work you do more flexible and easy. To make your work easier we have come up with some best Google Chrome extensions for work that you can use daily. Chrome, developed by Google has become a wide acclaimed browser application garnering 60% of the desktop browser market. Web extension developers have started ensuring their web application are in great shape while I use to maintain their standard in the market. If you want to work faster or have the best browser extension experience.

8 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Work


clickup - Best Google Chrome Extension for Work

ClickUp is one of the Google Chrome extension that is well-suited for work, and the most valuable project management software at the moment. It makes your work look more attractive and productive. It helps you create the task, save websites for recent and future task, take good quality screenshots, edit and markup screenshots, and track your working hours. This is an all in one extension to give the best of user experience.

Notepad by ClickUp


Notepad by ClickUp is a great feature made by ClickUp and one of the best Google Chrome extensions for work. It’s a free extension that allows you to take note anywhere within the tab page you are currently working on. You can also take notes on any page of your web browser.



Looms helps you record videos and share them with colleagues easily that is why it’s one of the best Google Chrome extensions for work. With loom extension, you can create a quick comprehensive video which is perfect for the presentation of the project or work to the client or customer.



Momentum is a web extension that gives daily inspired quote and photo, track your to-do list, and set you focused on daily work. It brings it up at every new page to get you inspired at all times.



OneTab helps in having all of those tabs open in a handy list in only one tab. The helps you save 95% of your browser memory. With OneTab in operation, it makes your computer browser look beautiful and clean.



Grammarly correct anything grammar typed wrongly. This should be the must-have extension on your browser is a good thing. It spells checks word written at any platform of the web browser. Grammarly can correct your emails, social media post, and more. You can trust this extension in best Google Chrome extensions for work.



StayFocused monitors how much time you’ve spent on certain sites especially popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, and more. It keeps you focused on a task.

Dashlane Password Manager


It helps you remember your password when you can’t remember your password. When a password has stored in too many places it might become difficult to maintain, Dashlane Password Manager helps you remember even the most difficult passwords. It is also one of the best Google Chrome extensions for work.


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