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Top 5 Best Google Chrome Extensions For Social Media Marketers

Social Media Marketing is on hype these days and people are crazy about it. Social Media expert loves to ease their work and with the help of your Google Chrome browser, you can do a lot of things in a better way. Hence, we have come up with some best Google Chrome extensions for Social Media Marketers. Social marketers can now do things faster and better with these extensions.

5 Best Google Chrome extensions for Social Media Marketers


 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketers

Momentum helps you stay focused on a busy day. When it is installed in the Google Chrome browser, it will display something beautiful. Momentum displays a beautiful land, a quote that inspires you, allow you to write your quote of the day, a few tasks needed to achieve that goal and local weather. It gets you right on track each time you open a new tab on your Google Chrome browser. It is one of the best Google Chrome extensions for Social Media Marketers.


Muzli showcases visual inspiration for your social media posts. It gives the latest feed and the most excellent design of the day. You can use Muzli to share good designs with others. You can see and scroll the images on the new tab, click the one you like to read more about it in a new tab.

Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote is a Google extension that helps you save web pages, links, ideas, comments, screenshots, and more. During work Evernote is a quick tool to assist you, so you don’t forget a particular detail. To use Evernote, download the extension to your Chrome browser, select your desired clip format, give it a title, and save. It is also one of the best Google Chrome extensions for Social Media Marketers.

Figure it out

It’s a useful extension to have. It keeps track of time around the world, and it helps you out if you work with people around the world. This extension can also make scheduling of post and meeting easy to perform. Just add the time zone to the extension, post and schedule your work conveniently.

Copy All URLs

When scanning through the web and there’s a need to store specific URLs, you can make use of this extension in your Chrome browser.  All URLs across browser tabs are copied instantly to your clipboard, and you can paste those links somewhere else for later use. It is also one of the best Google Chrome extensions for Social Media Marketers.


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