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List Of Best Samsung Smart TV Apps For You [Selected]

If you’re looking for the Samsung Smart TV Apps, then here we are providing you with a list of those apps.

When we talk about Smart TVs, Samsung is always on that list. Samsung’s Smart flagship TVs are reliable and loaded with a bunch of features also. Their TVs have an OS called Smart Hub which is only available in the flagship 4K UHD TVs and QLEDs.

Smart TV Hub is a collection of application which includes different categories like entertainment, fashion, streaming, kids, news, VOD etc. The new range of application may not be available in the older versions of the Samsung Smart TVs.

Best Samsung Smart TV Apps of 2018

To download an application from the Samsung Smart Hub:

  • Click on the Smart Hub Button.
  • Then, choose Categories.
  • Select Category.
  • Download the app you like and use it.

Following are the most popular Samsung Smart TV Apps:

Amazon Prime Video

With Amazon prime video, you can be able to stream online movies and TV shows with many exclusives on Amazon movies too. Amazon prime video delivers content in India, US, UK and most of the European countries.

Amazon Prime Video - Samsung Smart TV Apps


Every music lover out there wants this application in their daily devices. Spotify allows you to browse and listen to your favourite tunes/tracks/songs. With beautiful albums and tracks, this is the perfects application is one of the best Samsung Smart TV Apps.

Spotify - Samsung Smart TV Apps


Everybody uses this app on their mobile phones, desktop etc. Samsung Smart TV Hub also has YouTube. This app allows you to discover videos literally on any topic. That’s why it’s one of the most used apps out there.

YouTube - Samsung Smart TV Apps

BBC News

For the people who like news, BBC news is the best app for them on their Samsung Smart TV. It shares a trusted world as well as local news, weather forecasts, and other documentaries also.

BBC News - Samsung Smart TV Apps


These days Netflix series are on top and in worldwide, everyone is liking this app. Netflix shares videos, movies, TV shows from the web to your TV screen directly. This is usually pre-installed in Smart TVs but in case if it’s not, then you can download it also.

Netflix - Samsung Smart TV Apps


One more popular Smart TV app for videos streaming online with on-demand service. Hulu serves the most amazing and exclusive content to their users.

Samsung Smart TV Apps - Hulu


TED app shares different ideas of the experts in their field. This app is more about spreading knowledge and great ideas, information, business, science, tech etc.

Ted - Samsung Smart TV Apps

iPlayer (UK Only)

This app is a VOD service by BBC, and you can watch live shows and exclusive content on your Samsung TV. This app is available only in the UK and has a very unique and large collection of BBC network. Watch Live BBC channel TV and TV programs with this app.

BBC iPlayer - Samsung Smart TV Apps


A weather forecast app for Samsung TV which lets you know the weather reports of local to international areas. It gives you exact reports and conditions for that place.

AccuWeather - Samsung Smart TV Apps


With HBO Now, you can stream all shows, specials, movies, kids shows, and other documentaries. Enjoy the flagship content with premium membership.

HBO Now - Samsung Smart TV Apps

PlayStation Now

How can we forget to include gaming in this list? Well, PlayStation Now is our pick in gaming for Samsung Smart TV apps. This app can serve heavy loaded games directly from the server of Sony. Compatibility can be sometimes the issue here because every device has slightly different configuration and the game may not be able to opt that to work properly.

PlayStation NOW - Samsung Smart TV Apps


An app for martial arts popularly knows as an ultimate fighting championship. With this app, get the latest news, watch online videos and learn more about UFC.

UFC - Samsung Smart TV Apps

Google Play

This app is from Google and used all over the world. It is for Android devices and it allows you to enjoy the latest Android apps, games, music, books, movies and more.

Google Play - Samsung Smart TV Apps


With SteamLink, you can enjoy PC games on your Smart TV by simply connecting your SteamLink app with your PC.

STEAMLink - Samsung Smart TV Apps

Informative/News Apps For Samsung Smart TV:

ABP News AccuWeather Dirigent Money Control
The Weather Network DNRD TV Kindergarten Bloomberg TV
Web Browser Press Reader Euronews RFE/RL
The History of Rome History of America DIY Mercedes Benz
Aaj Tak Did You Know The Day in History All About Perfume
Seman Deccan Chronicle Samsung SPSN Top Beauty Secret
TOI Quikr IamCookRecipe No More Smoking

Top Sports Apps For Samsung Smart TV:

UFC TV Vroom GP Fishing TV
MLB TV WWE Network Workout Time Recorder
MyZen TV WRC Goal
Sports Score Board MLB TV Cricket DL Calci

Top Video Streaming Apps For Samsung Smart TV:

Hungama Mako TV Kurdish TVs Plus Amazon Video Prime
Docubox Mercedes-Benz TV Digital Theatre 3D Smart TV
Divan TV AOL On AirWire Player 3doo 3D Player
DS Video Mo Moviez VOD Mubi eLifeON
Aquarium FamBox MyGreeceTV Audi
Fightbox Live NFB Films CineFunTV HD Google Play Movie
Plex College Humor Home Theatre YouTube Kids
TechCrunch YuppTV ShowMax Scoop!
Redbull TV GSS Media WW Porsche TV Chef TV

Best Samsung Smart TV Applications For Lifestyle:

Facebook Samsung Broken TV Funny Sounds My Digipack
Hajj NDTV Lifestyle Raaga Red Karaoke
Learning Wudu Digital Clock Cooking Disco Lights
Cloud Me Chinese Astro Getting Rid of Bugs Facebook Album
Live Wallpaper Calm Radio Smart LED Sound Effect
SamsungMyRecipe Size Converter World Clock Jio Cinema

Best Samsung Smart TV Apps For Education:

Nursery Island Test4U Rulers of India MorseCode
Mi Perro Chocolo Human Anatomy Sys Book of Etiquette Baby’s Toy RC
Giggly Them dictionary Math Man MatchTheFlags LetterBubbles
Fun With Maths Awesome Glasses Best Kids Songs 7 wonders of the World
Code Converter Human Evolution Learn & Play Constellation
ABC Monster Fun KiddyMatch Astromages Baby Beetles
Fun With Maths Kiddy Match Learn French GRE Flash Cards

Top Kids Apps On Samsung Smart TV Hub:

Best Kids Songs Dibo’s Playground Plus Dibo’s Storybook 01 – 13 Solar System Planets
English Kindergarten Giggly English 1 – 3 Gingerbread Man Three Little Pigs

Above is the list of Samsung Smart TV Apps for you guys. We also share the latest technology trends, make sure to check them out. Follow us on Social Media for the latest update and more great tech.


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