Google Sued For Tracking Your Location Even It Is Off

There will be no news if I say Google steals your information. What if I tell you, Google knows your location, even if you turn it off? Google sued for tracking the location history, even the location was turned off.

The Lawsuit was filed against Google

The Lawsuit was filed against Google for stealing the location information of the user, even it is turned off. The Google stores and tracks the information about the location from google searches and the maps. Even after the location history is turned off, the google traces the user location. The lawsuit lodged the complaint against this act of the Google.

Google Sued For Tracking

Google’s statement was found false and Google sued for tracking location.

Google even tried giving clarification on its help center forum, that the information of the location history is traced only by the googles searches related to the location. Google’s help page stated: “With Location History off, the places you go are no longer stored”. However, the statement was not found true.

Google mentioned the reason of user experience for tracking the location history

The Google Spokesperson revealed that they keep the track of users’ location history only to keep the record of when and where the device was previously used. Also, to help the user with its regional language, Google location is of great help. In case, the user is new to the location, the local google guide reviews can be useful.

Although, All the mentioned points were true, Google sued for tracking the location.

Where did Google go wrong?

Google is accused to show false notification. When the location is displayed to be turned off, it should actually have been. Google shows the location history to be turned off, while it is actually still being tracked.


Google’s statements and clarification is not entertained by the lawsuit and they sued Google for acting in this manner. Still, Google’s maps and the services are prominent, as of now.

Let us see what will Google’s take on the decision and how Google improves its policies.


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