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Google: Android Might Not Remain Free

As we all know that Android is the most popular operating system in the market. Hence, Android is under the constant assessment by the regulators who are working on Android. However, as per the latest information, Google has just warned the users that Android might not remain free. It is just because of the fine which is imposed by the European Commission.

Android Might Not Remain Free

Latest Report: Android Might Not Remain Free

European Commission just Imposed a fine of 5 billion dollars on Google for Android antitrust violation. Due to this reason, Google has to change its Android’s business model.

Google on its blog wrote a lengthy post, in which it is mentioned that “Sundar Pichai” had made a harsh criticism of EU Commission and the arguments put forward for the decision to impose a fine of $5 billion.

It is mentioned that the business model of an Android OS is designed in such a way that it is open to brands. Also for being profitable, it is important that Google’s services are already installed.

Google has revealed that an average number of Android users install about 50 apps. Last year, there are more than 94 billion apps downloaded from the play store globally. These apps include some of the browsers like Firefox and Opera Mini. These browsers have been downloaded by the users around 100 million times. On the other hand, UC browser has been uninstalled by the users more than 500 million times.

According to this survey, it is clear that “Google Chrome” is not being used and users are installing the other browsers.

We know it’s preferable to be present inside the Android system with Google services, as it ensures the compatibility rules.

It is found that Sunder Pichai is now really focusing on the business model of Android. In the earlier days, Android may be profitable for both parties, but it may change in the upcoming future.

Sundar Pichai Stated:

“So far, Android’s business model has meant that we did not have to charge manufacturers any value for our technology or depend on a rigidly controlled distribution model.”

Above statement is not the direct statement but in the upcoming days, Android might not remain free.


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