EU Fine Imposed On Google For Android Antitrust Violations

Yes, EU Fine of €4.3 billion ($5 billion) is imposed on Google by EU regulators for breaking the antitrust laws. The Google has been fined because of its attempt to configure the Operating System out of Google Search Engine and the Chrome browser.

Where did Google go wrong?

Google restricted the use of Android fork versions. Moreover, Google also paid some manufacturers to run Google’s search engine by default in their respective devices.

The European Commission warned Google to put – “illegal conduct to an end in an effective manner within 90 days of the decision.”

Google was enforcing the mobile manufactures to use Google’s apps and services by default. After the European Commission’s interference, Google was forced to step back.

The issue was under discussion for more than 4 years.

The Other companies, most probably the rivals of the Google, complained about the issues of enforcing the manufacturers to have Google and Chrome application as an inbuilt application.

Why the Issue Occurred?

The Other search engines and browsers are ultimately out of the track. The thing is, even they are trying their best to provide the user-friendly services. Only the thing is users are not allowed to search for alternatives. As Google and Chrome have already provided the built-in services and are serving well, users are not finding any way to look for another alternative.

Google’s take on the EU Fine issue

Finally, Google has agreed to allow the manufacturers to use whichever services and application they want to, without enforcing them. And forked Android is also allowed to use by mobile manufacturers.


Google and Chrome are the best service providers. Still, their rivals have got all the opportunities reserved to overtake them by providing the users with better services than the best. This will only be possible when Google and Chrome will not be the default applications. Hence, Google got to step back a bit.

This article is all about the EU Fine that is imposed on the Google by EU commission.


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