How To Change Video Quality On Netflix? – Netflix Playback Settings

In this tutorial, you’ll get to know how to change video quality on Netflix. As so many of you have been asking for this, here we have a step by step guide for you.

Netflix is one of the biggest video streaming stages in the world; it has millions of subscribers enjoying its services. It currently has 1569 shows and 4010 movies available for streaming.

In the current quarantine days, for some people, Netflix is the only thing which is keeping them entertained.

Viewers prefer high definition videos, but sometimes if the internet connection is weak, you might want to change the video quality for the smooth watching experience. In this article, we will tell our viewers how to change video quality on Netflix. For playing videos in HD, make sure your data plan supports high definition, as well as your device, must also support HD. Just follow the given steps to do so.

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Step To Change Video Quality On Netflix – Netflix Playback Settings

  • Obviously, first, you have to Download Netflix and login to your profile. Although you have to make sure you are not logged into kids profile because if that is the case, you won’t be able to change video settings.
  • After you successfully log in, select the icon on the right-hand corner.
  • On the drop-down menu, select the account option.
  • Go down and find the Profile & Parental Controls section.
  • Find the profile you want to change the settings for and select it.
  • Find playback settings and select change which can be found on the right of the select option.
  • Click on the options and select save.
  • If you are using a screen mirror and mirroring Netflix from your mobile device, you can follow the same steps and change the settings on your mobile, which will automatically change it on your device.

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We sincerely hope that by following the methods mentioned above, you will know how to change video quality on Netflix. Make sure to check out all of our latest technology updates and tech trends.


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