Fall Guys: Becomes The Most Downloaded Game On Playstation Plus

Playstation is a Japanese video game console brand owned by Sony Interactive Media which is sub-brand of Sony. Playstation 2 is till date the highest selling gaming console over 155 million units sold worldwide and Playstation 4 being the fastest-selling console. So basically what we mean to say is PlayStation is very popular, and so are its games. Launching Fall Guys on PlayStation Plus subscription was a smart move as it ensured a massive increase in sales as well as the popularity of the game.

Fall Guys

Fall Guys, one such game has become the most downloaded game in PlayStation Plus subscription. The developers made full use of today’s influence of online streamers to surge its popularity. Fall Guys is made by Independent British firm Tonic Games, and it has become so popular during the Corona Virus outbreak that a lot PS Plus subscribers have downloaded it making it the most downloaded game on the service ever.

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What Fall Guys Offers?

Fall Guys offers a range of mini-games which is a freshened up version of over-saturated battle royal games. Fall Guys was also bought over 7 million times on Valve’s Steam platform for a computer. The strategy that developers followed was to launch the game in dual-platforms proved to be highly successful.

It has also become popular on Social media as many players are streaming it online like Twitch. The total revenue is not only from the game itself but also from the costumes of the characters.

Paul Croft, the co-founder of Tonic Games, stated that they are going to expand this game to other platforms too.



We sincerely hope that this information was helpful in knowing about the popularity of the game Fall Guys. For more info on games like this make sure to check out all of our latest technology updates and tech trends.


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