Soli Sandbox App For Pixel 4 Released By Google

Google recently released Soli Sandbox application on PlayStore for Pixel 4 in order to text upcoming projects for soli radar technology.

Google Pixel 4 is the latest installment in pixel series and is expected to be launch in India on January 28, 2020. As for the color options, the Google Pixel 4 smartphone may come in Just Black, Clearly White, Oh So Orange colors.

Google Pixel 4 series has a unique feature in the top bezel called Soli chip in the top bezel. Soli is radar technology, which means it allows users to wave their hands in front of the phone to perform specified actions.

Soli or the Motion Sense in Pixel was pretty confined at the beginning, but regular highlights have been added since the day of launch, and now Google is releasing the much-awaited “Soli Sandbox” app to increase the features even more.

As explained by Google,Soli Sandbox is a method to connect the web prototypes to Soli interactions on Google Pixel 4. You need to create a prototype on your computer and set it in motion with Soli gestures through the Soli Sandbox app. You’ll be able to use touchless swipes, taps, and more in your own prototypes!”

The app is a web interface expansion where developers can make their prototype motion sense interactions. There are four interactions offered by the Soli Sandbox app. They are-

  • Presence
  • Reach
  • Swipe
  • Tap

Presence Interaction

It is triggered when Soli detects a person within 0.7 meters (2.3ft) of the device.

Reach Interaction

It is triggered when soli detects movement, which resembles a hand moving towards the mobile, within about 5-10 cm.

Swipe Interaction

It is triggered when soli detects motion that resembles a hand wave gesture above the device.

Tap Interaction

It is triggered when soli detects movement that matches a single hand bounce over the middle of the phone.

The app is only available on Pixel 4 XL and Pixel 4 in countries like Canada, the US, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, and many other European countries.

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