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Why Fall Guys not finding a match And How To Fix it?

Fall guys have taken up the gaming scenario by a storm. A million streamers are streaming it to gain huge popularity. It is frustrating, addictive as well as fascinating. Losing a hundred times to win ones is what keeps the thrill of the game. Many players play it, and it is illogical to some extent. But people still enjoy playing it. With many players comes more frustration of losing. Winning this game needs luck, and the most we can say is that ‘NOT EVERY ONE IS LUCKY!’. But, all this is secondary. A person needs to enter and play a game to win or lose. Fall guys not finding a match is the biggest reason why the game is going to fall down the stairs of success, which it climbed. It is mostly due to errors on the server-side.

Why Fall Guys Not Finding A Match And How To Fix It?

Major problems why fall guys not finding a match?

1. Server-players ratio

Let’s face it. Small guys didn’t start with the objective of becoming the largest multiplayer game. It was prepared for the initial traffic. But, the servers failed when its popularity grew. The greater number of players, the harder it gets to maintain the servers. The gaming company didn’t have enough servers to support this outburst of players. So, it’s a primary problem behind this issue. The server also times out very frequently, and it has left gamers frustrated.

2. Bugs and almost no time to fix them

The game was under development in its beta testing phase when it started gaining popularity. So, there was really less time to stabilize the game with bug fixes. Fixing many bugs is necessary. Some of them prevail to date. Many gamers report the game freezes. It mostly happens when a player exits a lobby with proper steps. Sometimes, the character gets stuck while falling. Fall guys not finding a match is another major issue. These bugs should be fixed soon if the developers don’t want them to fall from grace.  

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Ways to solve the Fall guys not finding match problem:

Every way to solve this problem revolves around one way, quit and restart the game. There is no other way, after all. Quit fall guys and re-login. This solves the issue of the character getting stuck while falling off. This removes you from any existing game you are a part of. But, some problems cannot be solved most of the time. The game won’t open if the servers are low. The game launches, but the player cannot find a lobby or join.

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If we look into the matter, we shall find out players are equally responsible for the issue as the developers. Every game which rises to success gradually can handle the load by adding servers as the game progresses. The game was bound to fall from the sudden height players had taken it to. With heavy popularity arises heavy problems. All gamers can do is hope that the problem resolves as soon as possible.


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