Why Fall Guys Removed Names? The Issue You Need To Know

Fall Guys (Developed by Mediatonic) was launched on dual-platform that is Playstation and PC, and since the launch date, this game has been a massive hit. This game is a fresh take on over-saturated battle royal games and a great one too; Fall Guys is the accurate chaotic battle royal which is fun to play. The ragdoll mechanics can be frustrating, especially when the player is on wobbly surfaces, and every character keeps on banging with you, every character has the same characteristics. The difference is only of cosmetic value and its name. Recently players are asking questions like why Fall Guys removed their names? What is the issue behind this? In this article, we’ll explain the same to you.

Why Fall Guys Removed Names - The Issue You Need To Know

The Issue – Why Fall Guys Removed Names?

First of all, no need to worry your name is coming back soon. The game developers have briefly disabled the name feature on Steam to fix issues.

They tweeted that they briefly disabled custom player names on Steam (PC) because players were hacking to break the user interface and wrote the inappropriate language in chats.

Will players be able to make custom names after they are returned?

It is very unlikely that players will be able to create custom names after they are introduced, and their name will be like Fall Guys WXYZ. So, sadly, players will not be able to change colours or sizes of their names anymore as the developers will disable everything of that sort.

When will the names return?

At the moment, there is no news on when players will get their names back. But, as stated by the developers, a patch with the update is arriving soon that will resolve this issue. Because PC is an open platform, Fall Guys is subject to a lot of the hacking issues as too. After the update, all these issues should be resolved.

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We sincerely hope that this information was helpful to you. Why the Fall guys developers have removed the names and when are they coming back. For more information on games like this make sure to check out all of our latest technology updates and tech trends.


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