Why Fall Guys Isn’t Free? – Everything You Need To Know

Fall Guys was launched on dual-platform PS 4 and PC, and ever since the launch the game has been a huge hit. As a matter of fact, Fall Guys has been such a popular game that on its launch day all its servers were overloaded and the credit goes nearly to one and half a million players. The video game inspired by classic game shows like Takeshi’s Castle, the biggest question that arises is Fall Guys free? The direct answer to that question is it is not free. In this article, we will discuss why Fall Guys isn’t free.

Fall Guys is a fresh new take over-saturated battle royale genre and a welcomed one too, Fall Guys is the perfect little chaotic battle royale which is really fun to play. The ragdoll mechanics can be at times be frustrating, especially when you’re on unstable surfaces, and everyone keeps banging into you, Every character has the same characteristics, and the difference is only of cosmetic value.

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Reason Why Fall Guys Isn’t Free?

If you haven’t downloaded and played this chaotic incredibly fun game yet on PS4 or PC, In this article we will tell you why Fall Guys is not free and when will it be leaving PS plus.

Fall Guys was only free to download as a Play Station Plus game during the month of August. This game definitely costs money to buy on the Play Station or PC.

All the Play Station Plus users will need to buy this game if they don’t get it before September end, anyhow players would require a Play Station Plus subscription in order to play Fall Guys online on PS4 console.

As for Steam, there is no option to download Fall Guys for free, so players will have to pay INR 1511 regardless. On the bright side, Fall Guys players can consider PC a much cheaper alternative as a Play Station Plus subscription is still required to play Fall Guys on your Play Station 4.

Fall Guys has left Play Station Plus on September 1st. As stated by the PS Blog, Fall Guys was only available for Playstation players to download for free via PS Plus between 4/8/2020 and 31/8/2020.

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout multiplayer battle royale game will then be replaced by Sony PS’s new line-up of available free games.

We sincerely hope that this information was helpful for you? Why this game isn’t free and when it will be leaving PS? For more information on games like this make sure to check out all of our latest technology updates and tech trends.



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