How To Fix Google Chrome Windows 10 Issues

Google Chrome by far has become one of the highly used Web Browser. Recently Windows 10 has a lot of issues going around, Sometimes minor and sometimes major. Some users are facing Google Chrome Windows 10 issues. Well, don’t worry as this issue is easily fixable by following the given steps.

How can it be fixed?

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Most of the Windows 10 users are complaining that they are facing the Google Chrome Windows 10 issues. Supposedly, Some of the users are saying that when they try to open Google Chrome, an error pops up showing “Class not registered”. Well, We have some of the possible solutions that can resolve this problem.

Fix Google Chrome Windows 10 Issues

Technically, Google Chrome is still one of the most used browser, but some people are facing some problems occasionally. And it is called “Class not registered” this is the most annoying one yet! In order to solve this problem, you have to do some of the registry tweaks, after doing that your browser will work fine, and the Google Chrome Windows 10 issues will be fixed in no time.

How to fix “Class not registered” chrome error?

  1. Tweaking The registry
  2. Pinning the Chrome to start
  3. Updating Chrome
  4. Registering DLL Files again
  5. Reinstall/Uninstalling Chrome

Method 1: Tweaking the registry

Execute the resulting steps in order to solve “Class not registered” Chrome error:

  • Before performing these registry tweaks, you need to create a system restore point first, to be on safer side.
  • After that press Win+R to open Run, then type regedit in the Search to open the Registry Editor.

Fix Google Chrome Windows 10 Issues

  • Now in Registry Editor delete these two keys:

Fix Google Chrome Windows 10 Issues


  • After deleting these registry keys, it will enable DelegateExecute, that will disable Chrome’s App ID. But that’s not a problem, If Chrome Updates itself again then it might be a small problem, these keys will be recreated. If the keys are recreated then, you may have to repeat the process again.
  • After removing the keys Restart your PC so that the changes will be updated.

Method 2: Pinning the Chrome to start.

If that doesn’t work, then you need to delete the Chrome shortcut that is present in the Start and lookup for the following folder:

C:Users/username/AppData/Local/GoogleChromeApplication. Now you need to Check that if chrome.exe works or not (well it should). If it works perfectly then, pin its shortcut to the Start Menu, and it should be working as usual.

Method 3: Updating Chrome

Most of you might not have updated your Chrome browser in a while, well this may also explain why you can’t use the browser as it needs a regular update. Regularly updating your software updates is crucial for your browser’s security and functionality.

Here is how you can Update Your Chrome Browser

  • Firstly, Open Chrome > then click on the More icon which will be present in the upper right-hand corner

Fix Google Chrome Windows 10 Issues

  • Now Select Help > About Google Chrome till will tell if your browser is up to date or if you need to update

Fix Google Chrome Windows 10 Issues

  • Restart the Browser and it should be good as new.

Method 4: Registering DLL Files again

Sometimes if your DLLs are not properly registered then there is a possibility that you may encounter a lot of Google Chrome windows 10 issues or the browser will be unresponsive. By Registering your DLL again will easily fix the problem.

  • Press Win+R key to launch Run and then type ‘cmd’ this will open the command prompt.Fix Google Chrome Windows 10 Issues
  • Now enter the following command:

 FOR /R C: %G IN (*.dll) DO “%systemroot%system32regsvr32.exe” /s “%G”

Fix Google Chrome Windows 10 Issues

  • Now Press Enter Key
  • Restart your system once the process is completed.

NOTE: Just Keep in mind that you encounter several error messages when the command is running. Once the command gets executed, it’s time to restart your PC and check if the problem is resolved or not.

Method 5: Reinstall/Uninstalling Chrome

Last but not the last, if none of the things worked the uninstall Chrome and download an updated version and install it.

  • Head on to Start > Go to settings and open Apps & Features > locate and select Google Chrome
  • Select the Uninstall option

Fix Google Chrome Windows 10 Issues

  • Use a software waste remover like Revo Uninstaller to make sure that all the leftover are completely removed from the system.
  • Now, head on to Google’s official site and download & install a new version of the browser

We really hope that this solution might have worked for you and you are satisfied with the result. But if you have something or any further comments, suggestions or maybe other easy solutions than the one mentioned above, please feel free to share your thoughts or comment in the comments section below, we would love to hear your opinion.


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