How To Fix High CPU Usage In Google Chrome

Just because Chrome is using a lot of RAM it doesn’t actually mean that it is causing you a problem. Well if you are not using your RAM then you are not making anything good out of it. If you are that kind of a person who wants to keep his/her RAM clean all the time. Then possibly you are not using your systems full potential all the time. Clearing out things might actually lead to slowing down the things.

Google Chrome - Fix High CPU Usage

However, if chrome tends to use a lot of RAM then it might turn into a problem. As another process can’t use the RAM, CPU usage might also become an issue so you need to fix high CPU Usage. It is also possible that Chrome browser will end up using a lot of the CPU to execute the processes that are stored in your RAM. All together your system will become slow and irresponsible.  So here is a way to fix high CPU Usage by chrome browser.

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Steps To Fix High CPU Usage:

  1. Disabling Add-ons

  • First of all Right-click on the title bar or you can press “Shift-Esc” so that you can open Task Manager in Google Chrome. Click on “CPU” to see which task is consuming the most available resource. This will help you to fix high CPU Usage issue.
  • Mark down the name of the task whether if it’s an extension or a plug-in. Select the un-necessary processes and then click on the “End Process” button to close the task.
  • From the Chrome’s menu opens “Settings” and then click on “Extensions,” or just type “chrome://plugins” (ignore the quotes while typing) in the address bar and then press the “Enter” key, depending on which type of add-on is exhibiting high CPU usage.
  • After Locating the suitable plug-in or extension in the list. Deselect “Enabled” or you can just click on “Disable” to prevent the add-on from running and causing further CPU Usage.

Google Chrome - Extensions

  1. Resetting Google Chrome

  • Go to “Setting” which will be available in the Chrome Menu located on the toolbar.
  • Now Select the “Show Advanced Settings” option from the bottom of the settings menu and then click on the “Reset Browser Settings”.
  • Click “Reset” to revert your browser’s config to default. By doing this all the personal data such as saved password, etc. will be removed from the browser. After resetting to default all the add-ons and extensions will be removed and it will also fix high CPU Usage issue.

Google Chrome - Fix High CPU Usage Reset


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