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PUBG Connection Failed Error – Learn How To Fix It [100% Working]

In this guide, we’ll show you how to fix PUBG connection failed error with the help of 2 methods. Make sure your you read the whole guide.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds or otherwise known as PUBG is an online multiplayer battle royale game that was released in 2017. View requirements to play PUBG PC.

Due to its overwhelming popularity, a mobile version of the game was released in 2018. The game suffers from multiple bugs affecting the user’s experience.

One such bug that aggravates the gamers is the “ PUBG Connection Failed” error that has still been active till the present date.

Connection Failed In PUBG

2 Methods To Fix PUBG Connection Failed Error

Please follow the given two methods to solve connection failed error in PUBG:

Method 1: Internet Routine Check

The PUBG connection failed error essentially means that you cannot connect to the PUBG servers which are required for you to play the game.

  • Make sure that your internet connection is stable and working without any issues. Sometimes due to low internet speed, it makes it difficult for players to join a game.
  • Avoid using Cellular Networks as it is always unstable and many gamers are facing these issues while connected to a cellular network.

Method 2: Using a VPN

The bug could also be caused by aberrations from your device’s DNS settings. In order to fix the bug, you’ll need to install a VPN to bypass the DNS settings.

  • Open Play Store or the App Store and download a trustworthy VPN app. I recommend Opera Free VPN and NordVPN.
  • Once the VPN has finished downloading, open the app.
  • Choose a location outside of your home country.
  • Press the circle button in the app that says “Connect”.
  • You’ll be now connected to a VPN in the location you have chosen.
  • Open PUBG and the bug won’t be able to bug you again.

If the above methods haven’t helped you in fixing the “PUBG Connection Failed”, there might be an issue with the PUBG servers or there is server maintenance going on. If you’re facing the PUBG Mobile Error 154140712, then check this guide.

Hope our guide has helped you in clearing up the issue. Feel free to comment below in the comment section if you have any problems or suggestions.


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