PayPal Account Restricted – Why And What Actions You Can Take?

There is nothing more frustrating than opening your PayPal account in order to send money or check payments just to find out that it has been limited. PayPal is an important Internet money transfer system which is definitely the most convenient and popular. There are some conditions that may result in having your PayPal account restricted temporarily or permanently.

Reasons Why Your PayPal Account Maybe Restricted

1. Receiving huge amounts of cash that is way above your average: For example if you are a freelancer and you have been receiving an average of $1000 monthly, then at one time you suddenly receive $50000, it would be questionable and the PayPal team will have your PayPal account restricted by suspecting the dubious source of money. In such a case, they might suspect money laundering or other illegal transactions being a possibility.

2. Business or website that is questionable: For example, if your openly shipping illegal items such as weapons and drugs, your PayPal will be compromised since PayPal distances itself from such outlawed activities.

3. Travelling: When you are flying out of your country, you should always ensure that you have first notified PayPal or else if you log in from a different country, you will end up having your PayPal account restricted and you won’t be able to withdraw your online savings.

What To Do When You Have Your PayPal Account Restricted

There are situations however where you have not gone against the law, playing by the terms and conditions of PayPal but then you will find that your account has been limited. In such cases you should take the following actions: You will know that your account has been limited if you get a genuine email from [email protected], anything else is a scam and you should not fall for it.


You should go ahead and launch a complaint to the PayPal team. In such a case they might require you to provide relevant documents to ascertain the legitimacy of your business. Such include your personal ID documents and proof of merchandise delivery.

What Actions You Can Take?

1. Go to ‘Resolution Center’ in your PayPal account.

PayPal Account Restricted

2. Click on ‘Go to account limitation’.

3. Click ‘Resolve’ for each and every step that you are prompted to.

Restoration Of Your PayPal Account

After filling all the required details, the PayPal team will look into your case to verify that you haven’t violated the PayPal policies. If you have a PayPal account restricted problem, then this simple and fast tutorial will help to restore it.


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