Elon Musk Plans To Launch Tesla Robotaxi By 2020

Once again Elon Musk shocks the world with another brilliant idea of launching the Robotaxi – A self-driven taxi like Uber. He told everyone that he is confident about the launch of this new technology. He further added that all he needed was the regulatory approval which he thought he would get the following year.

How will Tesla’s Robotaxi Work?

tesla robotaxi

Everyone has been asking this same question since Elon put forth this idea. According to the company, the owners of the vehicle will add their cars to the app.

The car should have a self-driving mode and all the other required equipment. Tesla will get 25 to 30% of the total revenue like Uber and Careem.

Musk further added that if there aren’t enough people to share their cars at a particular place, then Tesla would launch their own Robotaxis there.

The all-new Robotaxi Specifications

In an interview, Musk told everyone that all the upcoming Tesla vehicles would be equipped with a computer chip which will contain complete self-driving hardware.

Other than that, they will have sensors, radars, and cameras. Despite all these features, Musk does not believe in lidar, light detection, or ranging radar. He thinks they are obnoxious and stupid.

At last, the only thing left is the software, which Musk thinks will serve as the “Job Done” for this project.

As we all know a high-performance charger will be needed to recharge these self-driven vehicles. Tesla did not share any word regarding this issue, however, we believe that the snake charger Tesla unveiled in 2015 will be used.

At last, Musk has always seen the world from a different angle. He believes that these self-driven vehicles are the future of the world. They will serve as a better way of transportation and change the world rapidly.

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