Vivo NEX A Vs Oppo Find X: Battle Of The Bezel-Less Smartphones

In this article, we are going to share our reviews on Vivo NEX A Vs Oppo Find X. Since 2017, most of the smartphone brands have been focusing on shrinking the bezels on their devices to make them look futuristic. The goal for everyone is to achieve an all-screen front. As it will make the footprint smaller and makes it easier to hold the devices in our hands. Oppo and Vivo seem to be way ahead of everyone else in this race with their Vivo NEX A and Oppo Find X smartphones. This article will help you decide which approach is better towards bezel-less phones and is worth your money.

Vivo NEX A Vs Oppo Find X

Vivo NEX A VS Oppo Find X

Both the Vivo NEX A and Oppo Find X look quite similar from the front with their bezel-less design and tall aspect ratio displays. Vivo NEX A features a 6.59-inch display which is slightly bigger than the 6.42-inch on the Oppo Find X. Both the displays are AMOLED and offer a great experience.

The difference comes in the design. The NEX A looks pretty much like any other device from the rear until you fire up the front camera and the module pops up from the top of the device. The front camera is situated in the pop up so it can go inside when not needed. This is how the bezel was removed. The Oppo Find X is a totally different story where both the front and rear camera modules are housed onto the head of the device. It is controlled by a motorized motion to bring the whole head outside when required and hide it later. Without turning on the camera, the phone looks like it has no cameras at all. This motorized motion sure looks very cool.

On The Inside: Vivo NEX A Vs Oppo Find X

Vivo NEX A runs on a Snapdragon 710 processor coupled with 6GB of Ram whereas the Find X runs on the flagship 845 chip with 8GB Ram. The Oppo Find X sure is more powerful in comparison but it also costs much more. You can also buy the big NEX brother, the NEX S which has similar specs as the Find X and is still cheaper than it. The cameras on the NEX A consist of 12MP + 5MP rear camera and an 8MP selfie camera. The Find X, on the other hand, has 16MP+20MP rear cameras and a 25MP selfie camera. Both come with Android 8.1 Oreo.

One thing that bothered everyone about these devices is the durability. With moving parts on these devices, they are prone to failure more than normal phones. NEX A has an in-display fingerprint sensor so the pop up will be used only when you open the selfie camera. But the Find X relies on facial recognition for security so the popup is used every time you unlock the phone.

Vivo NEX A VS Oppo Find X Price:

The Oppo Find X (8GB+256GB) is priced at 60,000 INR. It is available in India via Flipkart. The NEX S, which is same as NEX A but with Snapdragon 845 (8GB+128GB) is priced at 45,000 INR. The NEX A with Snapdragon 710 is yet to be launched in India.


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