PayPal Credit Denied: PayPal Credit Not Working For Anything

More people are using PayPal Credit as they find it convenient to make online purchases with them. However, some inconveniences have been encountered. The most common is having PayPal credit denied hence the inability to make payments even after successfully applying for it.

PayPal operates as an online bank. It, therefore, enables customers to apply for both debit and credit cards. A debit card is one that deducts money from your account whenever you withdraw from an ATM, while a credit card loans the money to you whenever withdrawn for later payment.

Anyone can apply for a debit card in any bank but in order to be issued with a credit card, you need to have a steady source of income where your loans will be deducted. If you are not earning but you still wish to have one, you can have someone who earns and is willing to apply jointly for a credit card with you.

How Can PayPal Credit Denied Issue Be Fixed?

PayPal Credit Denied

Before you can fix this issue, you first need to know the reason for your payment request being declined. You should ascertain whether your account has been closed. If it is closed, you will get a notification titled ‘Important Account Information’. In such a case, you will not be able to have it reopened. You will have to sign up for a new one.

Unverified Purchase Attempt

A PayPal Credit purchase may not be successful if your account details do not match with the information provided during checkout matches. In this case, you will get an email notifying you that your PayPal Credit has been denied. You should, therefore, ensure that you provide the correct information when prompted.

PayPal Credit Not Accepted By Some Merchants

PayPal Credit may not appear as a payment method at times because some merchants do not accept PayPal Credit. You should also know that PayPal Credit does not always approve every purchase made. Some purchases will be restricted because of certain reasons.

Exceeding Available Credit

This is the main reason why most people have their PayPal credit denied. Before you make a transaction, you should, first of all, check your available credit line (which can be increased after evaluation). Attempting to make a purchase that exceeds the current credit available may mostly become unsuccessful.


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