Xbox Game Pass Subscription For PC With Over 100 Titles

Microsoft is planning to bring Xbox Game Pass subscription service to the PC ecosystem. It was announced in a conference hosted by Microsoft that the Xbox Game Pass will now be available to PC. This will give PC gamers the benefit enjoyed by the Xbox gamers, such interest includes access to over 100 games on the window platform and also the access to play a title from the Xbox Game Studios.

Xbox Game Pass Subscription Service By Microsoft

xbox game pass subscription
Xbox game pass subscription

PC games will also be made available on third-party online stores on launch day. Microsoft is also looking forward to enabling support for native Win32 games to the Microsoft store. Microsoft’s Xbox division head wrote on the Xbox Wire that the upcoming game subscription service for PC would be called Xbox Game Pass, giving its consumer access to over 100 PC games.

Recently, over 75 developers and publishers have decided to develop more games to Xbox Game Pass for PC, to create a library of titles spread across different genres that keeps growing. There’re also some benefits for Xbox Game Pass for PC subscribers. The benefit includes a discount of 20 percent on games and up to 10 percent on DLCs and add-on.

It isn’t clear how much the Xbox Game Pass for PC will cost and when it will be available. But other information concerning the Xbox Game Pass for PC will be revealed at a later time. It is possible for Xbox Game Studios will be made available on Microsoft Store as well as third-party stores at launch.

It’s also possible that there’s full support for native Win32 games and will soon be enabled on the Microsoft Store on Windows. Lastly, more Xbox Game Studios offerings such as Gears 5 and Age of Empire I, II, and III: Definitive Editions will move to steam.


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