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How To Remove Personal Information From Google? [3 Things To Do]

Nowadays, much information can be accessed on the internet without the intention of the owner. And it’s possible to find your personal information on the internet without any idea of how it was accessed. Google search is a search engine that gathers a lot of content from different web hosts, and a piece of information can be seen by Google search engines quickly. It’s feasible to see personal data you don’t want to share on Google, and you would be glad to see it removed. So, here’re instructions on how to remove personal information from Google.

remove personal information from google

How To Remove Personal Information From Google?

To remove personal information from Google, here are some steps to take:

1. Keeping Private Information From Search

Anything you put on the internet like photos, review, forum discussions and things on social media would display on Google. If that information isn’t defined, then you will have to remove personal information from Google to be secured. To prevent your data from displaying on Google

  • Try to limit the amount of information you put on the internet.
  • Also, try to change your privacy setting on your social media accounts either by putting it on ‘Friends only’ or deselecting public search.

2. Removing Content That Is Located on a Site, You Don’t Own

When you find a website with information, you don’t want to share. It might be difficult to remove personal information from Google because Google indexes site as they appear, so they will be reluctant to assist you.

  • To solve this, try to contact the site owner.
  • Once the owner of the website has removed the information, Google will act on the page automatically. As part of their indexing process, which takes time, the information will no longer appear in the search result.
  • When Google has successfully removed your information from its search engine, you will no longer see that on the internet.

3. Removing Personal Information From Other Google Products

Your personal information may appear in Google products. Once you have noticed your data on a particular product you didn’t authorize, you will have to remove personal information from Google.

  • You can solve this by requesting to change the information.
  • Google receives the request and gives you a form to fill.
  • After filling the form, Google processes the form as part of their organization procedure.
  • It removes your information from the platform after processing the form.

It’s essential to have your personal information kept somewhere safe, and this would protect you from unauthorized users who can use that particular data for an illegal act, thereby implicating you in the process.


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