Modern Ad Blocking Chrome Extensions Will Stop Working In Chrome

What bad news for Chrome browsers! Recently Google planned to stop modern ad-blocking extensions for its Chrome browser. Google is annoyed with the way ad servers are targeting internet users; note this that servers are getting more intelligent by the day. Is the question will over 2 billion Chrome users be able to enjoy ad-free browsing again? I think not.

If Google allows the installation of a new ad blocking extension, it will be to its enterprise customers.

Modern ad blocking Chrome extensions

Two factions will fight this innovation plan from Google; one fraction will agree about what is about to happen while other fraction will be happy about it. The Latter which has suffered in generating their revenue through traffic monetisation (online content marketers), they have been trying all possible best to make income even with the ad-free extension plug on.

Creating effective and compelling content to gain attention its audience has been a tug of war for many of the content marketers.

Modern ad blocking Chrome extensions was free lunch for Chrome users since

Google has been providing a free ticket to users who use the modern ad blocking extension, this sizeable number of users who have been consuming high valuable content for a long, have never contributed a limited quota to either content creator or marketers or Google itself. Now today, it is resulting in a significant loss of billions for Google and all Content marketers on the Internet. It will spring out a debate for a large number of Chrome users on Google decision on endorsing a modern ad blocking chrome extensions over ad-free. Many of the chrome users will be highly disappointed to the point of threatening to switch to alternatives.

The conclusion should be on the fact for both parties to enjoy their co-existence like Google making their revenue, while content marketers are making money too, and Chrome users are enjoying their surfing without much ad disturbing.


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