Uber PayPal Payment Error: Learn How To Fix It [Working Solutions]

Uber PayPal payment error can be discomforting at times, with this error having a ride to a destination will not be forthcoming. If your payment for your past trip were declined, it would be difficult to request for a new ride. When paying for a trip if your app displays the following messages; Request failed: Card Declined, there was an error processing your request, your payment method is invalid. Please update your billing settings; it means that the bank of your selected payment method might have declined the transaction request.

Uber PayPal Payment Error

How To Fix Uber PayPal Payment Error?

The steps mentioned below will show you how to solve the Uber PayPal payment error:

  • Try to change the payment method to a different one. Also, try to provide adequate information on the request.
  • Check if your credit card or debit card number was entered correctly. If it wasn’t entered correctly, try to change it by updating the card number in the ‘Payment’ menu on the app.
  • Check if your credit card or debit card hasn’t expired. If it has expired, consider replacing it with an active card.
  • Confirm your account balance before you perform a transaction. This is to ensure you have enough funds for the operation. If there’s not enough fund in your account, consider transferring funds to it before performing the transaction.
  • If you are travelling to a new location, contact your bank to authorize international transactions and also approve transactions in your current area.
  • Your bank may reject charges from Uber based on logic fraud. Kindly contact your bank for more information and also update your payment method.
  • Contact your bank if you have exceeded the withdrawal limit on your account to request an account limit change.
  • Your card is maybe declining your current transactions based on a report of stolen or lost credit card. Hence, contact your bank to rectify the issue.


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