How To Fix Vudu Playback Error? [Complete Guide]

Facing playback error in Vudu? With our step by step guide, you’ll learn how to fix Vudu playback error.

Vudu is a digital video storing and streaming service which is owned by Walmart. Vudu services include video-on-demand rentals and digital purchases of films, also as integration with digital locker services for streaming digital copies of movies purchased as home video at retail.

Vudu is in direct competition with other giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu etc.

Some of the Vudu users have a complaint that there is a playback error in it. Playback error mostly occurs due to corrupted video files.

how to fix the Vudu playback error

How To Fix Vudu Playback Error

Below are the technical solutions on how to fix the Vudu playback error.

Solution 1 – Change DNS Address

Sometimes the internet providers DNS can have issues with specific devices or sites. So to resolve this issue, go to to the network settings of your device and change the Google DNS server to

This method will solve the problem in most cases. If still, the problem occurs, follow the next solution.

Solution 2 – Delete Channel

Try deleting the channel and then add it back such that the issue is resolved. This method worked for some users. If still the problem persists try the third solution.

Solution 3 – Power Cycling

Try power cycling the device and network to do so switch off the device or unplug the device and turn off the modem for 30 seconds then restart them. If the problem continues, call Vudu helpline to know further information in removing this error.

We sincerely hope that the information mentioned above is helpful to know how to fix Vudu playback error and how you can watch your favourite movies and Tv shows. Make sure to check out all our latest technology updates and trends. Follow us and our social media handles for the latest updates.


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