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How To Restart Netflix Membership? [Step By Step Tutorial]

Netflix being the most popular content streaming platform it is but obvious that it takes a considerable amount of membership/subscription fees. If you had canceled your membership or deleted your account and you want to restart your subscription just keep reading this article, and we will tell you how to restart Netflix membership.

To start watching your favourite shows and movies, just sign in to Netflix then select restart your membership from any one of the profiles.

Restart Your Netflix Membership – Step You Need To Follow

How to restart netflix membership

If Your Account Is Inactive

  • After you log in to your account, a dialogue box will appear asking you to restart your membership.
  • The billing date will change to the date when the account activates.

If Your Account Is Active

  • When you open your account page, you will maintain your membership status by selecting the restart your membership link.
  • The date of your billing will not change.

We sincerely hope that by following the methods mentioned above, you will know how to restart your Netflix Membership without any fuss.

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