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Fyle Lite Features: Powerful Features Of Expense Management App

Introduction To Fyle Lite

SaaS-based expense management software startup launched Fyle Lite, India’s first expense management app. This app is specially designed for employees to make expense reporting effortless and simple. The unique ML powered data extraction technology in this app extracts data from all kinds of receipts whether they are electronic or on paper with a single click.

The Fyle Lite features consists of different apps like GSuite, Outlook and many others that employees use on a daily basis to complete their work. This app makes sure that employees are able to keep track of their business expenses.

Fyle Lite Features

Designed for different kinds of companies, Fyle has managed to help and transform employees in some of the world’s top enterprises. Fyle also extends the same features and experience to companies that are yet to use it. Using the Fyle Lite features, employees can easily create an expense report in PDF format, CSV format or as an excel sheet that can be sent to their managers and accounts team for approval and compensation. No manual data entry or manual checks are required. It captures all the expense data and automatically fills all relevant fields from any kind of receipt with just one click. Hence expert reports can be created with just a single click.

Fyle Lite Features

Some More Features Of Fyle Lite

Fyle Lite features also includes automatic policy enforcement. Fyle Lite automatically tracks expenses that are against company policies and violations at the time of submission. Employees are also given an opportunity to justify the violations when detected. Through this app, employees can submit expense reports faster. Employees can also use Fyle to set up policies based on inbuilt parameters. This app also includes features like custom approval hierarchy, 3rd party APIs, trip authorization requests and many other useful options.

An employee can generate trip wise full detailed reports with just a single click. One can also get analytics on top vendors, policy statistics and top policy violations across the entire organization. This app comes with a whole lot more than what an employee or an enterprise can expect from an app.

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What More?

Fyle Lite comes with great inbuilt features which include features like smart approval workflows, accounting integrations, etc. It has an effortless setup which makes it easy to install. It is also easy to use as most things can be done by an employee with just a single click. Fyle Lite is also cost-free for employees to download and use it to make professional expense reports.

Fyle Lite Features - Expense Management App

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