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Fyle Lite Pricing: Expense Management For Every Business

You are here to know Fyle Lite Pricing. Right?

But Before directly jumping to the Fyle Lite Pricing, You must be aware of “What is Fyle Lite”?

Fyle lite is India’s first and leading expense manager application, designed for the business purpose. The app is extremely user-friendly and highly reliable. It is smooth, easy to access, and synchronically functioning.

An Excellent and reliable Expense Management API For Every Business

Fyle Lite is the recommended expense management Application. Users and best review infighters, have recommended Fyle lite as the best solution ever for all the business expense management.

Standards in expense management

Get the entire company onboard for effectively managing the expense and pay only for the users that have 3+ expense claims.

Special Pricing for Nonprofit Institutions

Fyle lite pricing is extremely low and exceptional for the Nonprofit institution. The Fyle lite API is one of the ideal software, available for Nonprofits. The application is very useful for Educational Institutes and Community Bodies to manage their expenses. There are special pricing and packages for such institutes and a special subsidy on the regular rates.

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What is Active User Billing?

Active User Billing is the billing of the users that have more than 3 expenses.

Here Are The Packages With Fyle Lite Pricing

Team Package

$4.49 /User /Month

User + 1 Approver
Single stage approval
Basic policies
QBO integration
Gmail and outlook extension
Mobile app
Mileage tracking
Per Diem
Projects and cost center
Self-Serve Policies
Duplicate detection

Company Package

$6.99 /User /Month

Everything in ‘Team’, and
High Touch policies
Multiple approvals workflow
Personal/Corporate Card Reconciliation
Trip Requests
Advance requests and refunds
Multi Country/Org Setup
Bank File Export
Integrations: NetSuite, Dynamics & Tally
Roles – User, Approver, Finance, Admin, Travel Desk Admin and Desk Agent

Custom Package

 1500+ Employees

Everything in ‘Company’, and
Dedicated Account manager
Single Sign-on
Custom Policies
Custom Deployment options
API integrations with HRMS, CRM, ERP systems
Custom Analytics and Insights on Cost Savings

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