Google Chrome vs iCab: Which One Is The Best iOS Browser?

When you are about finding a best iOS browser in the market, there are many points to look into this matter. This is more often a comparison between the two fastest browsers on AppStore i.e. Google Chrome vs iCab. Google Chrome is a freeware software/browser powered by Google. iCab is the paid one powered by Alexander Clauss. iCab is around 2.31 USD (159 INR). Let’s check it out which browser is the best for iOS.

Google Chrome vs iCab

We have divided it into some parts through which you can be able to easily understand which browser you should pick up.

Experience & Features

When we talk about the experience while using it, both browsers have their ups and downs.

iCab is a very strong and a powerful browser in terms of its feature while using it. You can download files in it, you can simulate another agent of any browser in it, you can save any website for reading later. All these features are right there in one browser. I’m saying it because it’s really hard to find all such feature in a single browser in iOS.

Google Chrome vs iCab

You can add bookmarks, save pages, save forms, fill out forms, take a screenshot in a single tap, sharing is available there.

Many types of modules are there also:

  • AirPlay support for videos
  • Amazon wishlist
  • Auto refresh
  • Autoscroll page
  • Inbuilt calculator
  • Clip converter
  • Delicious bookmarks
  • Diigo
  • Convert to ePub
  • Evernote and many more

Different Types of Tools:

  • Different ways of opening links
  • Open tabs in the background
  • Tabs management
  • Separate downloads
  • Export/Import
  • Private browsing
  • Display images
  • Filters
  • Site Compression
  • Orientation lock
  • Fullscreen Icons
  • Gestures, Contextual Menus
  • Brightness adjustment
  • Search engine suggestions
  • Edit Search engines
  • Proxy
  • Cookies, Disk cache
  • iCloud support, Dropbox, Firefox sync, Reading list, Offline Mode etc.

These are not all of them, iCab offers all such features which are not available on Google Chrome.

Chrome is more often a free and strong browser on its own. The browser is pretty much simple, works like a charm and sharing is also there. Most of the above features are available in Chrome too but not all of them. Being a Google product we can rely on this browser and moreover, you don’t have to spend a single rupee on it. If you don’t have the budget to buy a browser like iCab, Google Chrome is going to work like a charm.

Google Chrome vs iCab


Syncing has become a significant part of a mobile browser and it is required these days because no one wants to lose their previous data. Switching to a new browser is easy these days. People can switch their apps and the data is still there linked to their accounts.

Chrome provides you with an upper-class synchronization support. It simply goes synced with any desktop Chrome client. iOS Chrome can easily sync bookmarks, browsing history, websites data etc.

iCab can do all such things too but it requires more apps to sync data and requires extra steps also.

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The most important thing what we need in a mobile browser is its speed. Our previous one was slow that’s why we are switching to a new one and doing some research? Well, that makes actual sense too.

When we compare the speed of both browser it’s awesome and mostly similar. Sometimes, I found Google Chrome fast but other than they both are good. As Chrome is lighter than iCab we can expect faster experience than iCab in Google Chrome.


Safety and privacy are always been the most concerns things in today’s world of technology. Both browsers are secure and safe to use. You can clear history, cookies, and cache on both the browsers. Incognito mode is available in both of them, it’s easier to use it in Chrome. Both browsers had taken care of user’s privacy and safety which is a good thing.


Both browsers are good in terms of features, usability, speed, and privacy. Features are more in iCab as compared to Chrome. But Chrome is free on does its jobs pretty well on its own. It all depends on your requirement for an iOS device you are using. If you want to spend money on a browser for iOS then go for iCab else use Chrome.

Hope you like this guide on Google Chrome vs iCab for comparison on iOS best browser out there. We share latest technology trends also, make sure you check them. Follow us on Social Media to get in touch.

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