How YouTube Streamers Make Money – How You Can Do It

Everyone knows what YouTube is. But those people who at this 21st century still don’t know what YouTube is, we will first describe it to them. YouTube is an online video-sharing platform. It is a subsidiary of Google, and it allows users to upload, rate, share, view, add to playlists, report, comment, and subscribe to other users. Every day almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube. YouTube also allows users to Livestream content. In this article, we will tell you how Youtube streamers make money.

Keep in mind that in order to stream live video on Youtube, one needs a webcam, a computer/laptop and at least 1000 subscribers to their channel.

Earning money is never easy; it requires a lot of hard work, dedication and hustling, but earning money can be made fun if one has an interest in that field and loves it like anything.

Earnings on YouTube works on the same principle to earn money on Youtube one requires intense passion and dedication to that channel.

As stated in the video of a prominent Indian YouTube tech channel Technical Guruji“If you are starting your YouTube journey with just money as the sole purpose, you might as well now then later disheartened.”

If you want to earn money live streaming on YouTube first you need a substantial subscriber base then only your Livestream will get any audience. Which means you must have quality content posted on your channel, which is enjoyed by the public. Now if you have a strong subscriber base and quality content posted on your channel, you can Livestream your content easily.

Livestream can be of many types like vlog live stream, gaming live stream, Event live stream and many more.

How YouTubers Make Money From YouTube By Live Streaming?

How YouTube Streamers Make Money

There are several ways a YouTuber can earn money while live streaming:

Ad Revenue – Perfect Source For YouTubers To Make Money

Advertisements on YouTube live stream work the same way as a typical Youtube video. There are three kinds of ads while live streaming.

The first kind of ads are Pre-roll ads which play just before the live stream starts, and it can be viewed on mobile and desktop.

The second kind of ads are Mid-roll ads that run during the live stream, and you can manually insert them during desktop streams.

The third ones are Display and overlay ads run alongside or above content, viewable on desktop.

The amount of money you earn this way depends on the number of viewers.

Channel Sponsorship

If you stream regular live videos, you can take benefit of your youtube channel subscriptions. This method allows your viewers to enjoy your live stream content and regular video content without any ads when they pay the amount. Plus subscribers who sponsor will get custom badges, emojis, access to their private chat in addition to that whatever else you can think up for them.


Donations are the most conventional form of support for creators and live streamers. One can receive donations directly from their audience via Superchat during a live stream by providing links that are connected with PayPal, Patreon, Streamlabs, StreamElements, etc. In a few minutes, one can set up his/her PayPal donate button and can get started.

One thing to keep on mind is that streamers have to satisfy and convince their viewers that their content is worth the money. That is the reason you require a strong subscriber base and quality content.

We sincerely hope that the information mentioned above is informative on how Youtube streamers make money and how they can have their own live stream and stream content in it and make money.

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